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I have run into some trouble with boosting my DPS. Everything I look at doesn't seem to boost my barb very much. Anyone have some suggestions on what I can do to boost DPS? I have been stuck on mp6 for awhile now. I have about 100m for upgrades. Please help me out.
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u glove should have 8+ cc.. your lacuni need cc.. don get AR on lacuni.. lacuni with Main stat + AR + 4 cc+ will damn expensive..
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Um, +movement speed is capped at 25% on gear. Therefore your 3 pieces with +12% is a huge waste of resources - you should never have more than two.

Trade the boots for a nice High STR pair of Ice Climbers.
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What are you using to gauge your DPS? First off do not use the paper dps listed in the profile screen. You will just hate yourself when you see your true DPS.

Problems I see with your gear.

1) EF main hand - Low damage range and no SoJ. Personally I would move that to your offhand an get a better black damage MACE main hand. This will reduce the fear proc as well. I would suggest a SoJ, but your gear can not sustain a blow to crit chance or IAS right now.

2) Low rolled Vitality on Chest, Pants, and Shoulders. You kinda skimped on your gear from a price perspective. You made the classic mistake a lot of young barbs make and that is skipping the "middle" phase of gearing. You tried to get BiS gear, but got the worst rolls for them (i.e. those inna's pants...those hurt my soul). You need to get your EHP sorted out. You have to use those amethysts in your gear right now because they are a crutch to maintaining any kind of EHP without gems. That is a no no. I would focus on getting better versions of those.

3) Low crit chance. For a ww barb, I think that 22.5% on gear crit chance is way too low. I would suggest at a min to get that up to 32-35%. Not only will this increase your DPS, but it will increase the efficiency of your fury gen engine for RLTW. Your cc to cd ratio is off. You have a decent amount of CD, but your chances are lower so it doesn't hit as hard!

4) 1 Attackspeed % from your 2.5 ww breakpoint. Those gloves are 1% shy of hitting your first major breakpoint (if my calculations are correct...which sometimes I am off lol). I would ditch those to get 8% IAS gloves at a minimum. Your tDPS will increase.

5) Average Damage on Jewelry - This is pretty much the strongest affix you can get on jewelry outside of an SoJ. You should ensure all of your jewelry has some form of this.
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