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Crafting Works. Thanks for the 14k upgrade Blizzard !!

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35k upgrade from a trifecta neck i had


(it wasn't a great trifecta anyway)
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02/12/2013 09:51 PMPosted by Delkerramak
How does demonic drop rate suck?

Killed 24 elite packs in mp3 just now and got 2 demonic essence.

mp3 is too low, play in mp5 you will see much difference
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Got the one on my barb last night from crafting. Pretty happy about it. Grats on the awesome trifecta man.
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Charsi. CD too low, no AR... :)
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02/12/2013 09:51 PMPosted by Delkerramak
How does demonic drop rate suck?

Killed 24 elite packs in mp3 just now and got 2 demonic essence.

Stop playing on Mp2?

I got 9 out of 15 elites on Mp8. Drop rate isn't that bad.
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02/12/2013 08:05 PMPosted by ArchMage
Acount bound!

who cares
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I wonder if they will nerf the percentage of crafting.

If tons of people can craft godly gears like that ammy, players aint gonna access GAH, no 15% gold fee will go to blizz that they usually sell at RMAH. just saying.

On the other hand, Congratulation.

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this was my 46th try :) but check this out

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check out the one i am wearing - it was an upgarde - the 2nd of the day.
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Holy Von Sheet! Congrats!
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My second Vit ammy crafted is now equipped by my DH.

246 Dex
164 Int
222 Vit
Attack Speed 9%
Critical Hit Damage 50%
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Crafted this an hour ago and may have given me only a 7+k increase over my AH bought ammy, but still a quadfecta(5 crafting session) even if the rolls were not perfect in a sense.


Yes, crafting works, one has just to get lucky at times
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Sweet ammy! Grats bud!
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i crafted a beautiful one with :

22 minimum damage
352 str
147 int
12% life
62% CD

upgrade of 10K dps and 3.5k life
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02/12/2013 07:59 PMPosted by Grimiku
Goatmen suffer the worst luck.

your one of the GOATSMEN!!!!!???? - the GODS guide me you can not win !!!!!!
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02/13/2013 11:28 AMPosted by Siero
Sweet ammy! Grats bud!

thanks, relieved that im not gonna be pressured to farm my !@# off of essence(s). got also the plan for marquise emerald.
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Mines not as godly as some here, but damn if it didn't give me an 9k dps and 11k health boost hahaha

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