Diablo® III

Crafting Works. Thanks for the 14k upgrade Blizzard !!

my first ammy to my wizzy :*
1 rol and boom :)
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Well done.
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dude scru you! You rolled a perfect amulet - the only way you can get better is if you made the stats higher.....
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great ammy dude! I can only hope to get that kind of luck, 0/20 atm but I can't complain. To those complaining about it being account bound, instead of thinking about how you can't sell it, think about all the good amulets you'll find that you CAN sell because you won't need to replace the BiS ammy you created...man, that thing is too godly :P
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sad sad sad 75 amulet crafted with dex none cool
48 gloves only one "cool" 10cc 50% Cd 299str 79Ar 448 armor ... compared to mine -6800dmg -.-

for who think this is nice day for crafting here is the blizzard response ;D

All Servers DOWN !!! YESSS!!!...

sad sad sad
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no 15% gold fee will go to blizz that they usually sell at RMAH. just saying.

You also think they take gold you spend on crafting and repairs and sell it in the RMAH? DERP

If they really wanted to sell gold in the RMAH themselves, they could just create ANY amount they wanted.

The 15% AH fee, repairs, crafting and such work as gold sinks.
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02/12/2013 08:05 PMPosted by ArchMage
Acount bound!

sucks u can never profit from it. sweet roll though
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played for an hour found a glove pattern crafted 5 gloves found a sidegrade(upgrade for when im not using full ik) and my old rare gloves werent exactly bad
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nice roll man, grats :3
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To scream "Crafting works" is a bit of exaggeration, isn't it? That you rolled a nice amulet (congrats, btw, it is indeed nice!), doesn't mean that "crafting works". It means you were damn lucky.
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Check out mine (barb) in my profile. And bracers too. Hats off Blizzard and thanks alot.
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I like the idea, honestly, BUT this can "kill" AH...
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well, this gives me some hope. I was crafting gloves for a while since amulets are alot more pricey to craft =p but I might just jump into doing some amulets again....
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Wearing my new amulet now. Took about 13 tries to make (spent around 2 mil). It increased my dps by 17k at the cost of about 2k life.
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Posted by doccocaubai
i wouldn't be suprise , that person who craft that amulet is currently working or got something to do with blizzard .... ahahha seriously that is what i really think ....

Well then you think stupid things. You should stop.

lololol totally agreed!
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02/13/2013 12:07 PMPosted by TeVoio
I like the idea, honestly, BUT this can "kill" AH...

the AH is already dead..

its deader after the patch...
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Made my jay drop, nice! Exciting!
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