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Thoughts on end-game WD ring?

So I'm about ready to retire my Hellfire. What should I look at (High MP PvE focused with some casual/intermittent PvP)?

SoJ? Rare? Unity? Litany? Wailing Host?
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Hmm its a tough call, your hellfire has Cc and without it you go down to 41 CC, which many would consider on the lower end, otherwise I would say SOJ with either bear reduc or cs damage.

Considering your all res and life are more than sufficent, personally, I would go for a Unity with high end avg dam, and 45+CD. It will probably give you the most DPS for your money. If you wanted AR go litany with CD and if you wanted a bit of everything(vit, ar, good dps) go for a high end rare.

My choice, Unity with high Cd
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I think crit damage litany for pvp or high mp farming. The damage reduction against elites is essential (I suppose you could go dmg reduction elites zuni morrow instead). Honorable mention to soj depending on build etc.

Curious what others think.
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I'd get a sick Litany if I were you. I'm going to replace my crappy Unity with one when I can. Soj is a nice one as well, but it doesn't have the well roundedness of a nice Litany. IMO. In other words.. You'll get more EHP and consistent damage with a Litany. Soj is better only against Elites. I could be wrong though...
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SOJ all the way.

Ring scales incredibly with anything that increases your sheet damage. New gear, Gruesome Feast, Soul Harvest, Provoke the Pack, Pierce the Veil, leveling up, black weapons, frenzy shrine, etc...

Not to mention, increased max mana scales with Spirtual Attunement, reduction cost or damage % Increase on your primary damage ability, which increases your effective DPS.

You can gain EHP in every other slot, and I'd consider SOJ to be best in slot for a Witch Doctor.

Elites are what you have to worry about burning down, not trash. Elites are Blues, Yellows, Goblins, and Bosses.

My sheet DPS can skyrocket to 385k+ in my current spec, which is a touch over 500K damage vs elites wearing a Stone of Jordan.

Just my opinion! if you're concerned with how your sheet damage looks, or are low on EHP, roll with any of the above mentioned rings.
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