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Calamity Vs Manticore

I use manticore for low mp farming (higher single hit damage)

calamity for ubers and higher MP

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02/15/2013 05:49 PMPosted by Mamuke
I started with manticore and evrytime I see calamity thread I ignored reading it coz calamity has low dps compare to manticore. I dint know what I was missing til one day I was so bored and got gold to burn. So I decided to buy one out of boredom for a mil just to try it. Then unexpectedly it was the gameplay I never expected that I would like to experience ..... After the experience with the calamity I purchased a way better dps. If u are a manticore user and never tried calamity I suggest u stick with your high dps manticore coz once u equip calamity yul just can't stop lovin it...

100% Agreed. I started with a 1149 dps with soc Calamity for a long time, then got a 2 socs 1330 dps Manticore from drops, tried for 2 weeks, then decided to sell the Manticore. Once you get hooked with the Calamity speed, you just can't live without it :)
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I've used em all. In the end they are all the same. It doesn't matter which one you have. Get whichever one gives you the most sheet DPS for the lowest price.
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Neither, Windforce all the day


I'll go away now...
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02/15/2013 09:51 AMPosted by Books
If u solo high mp at all, manti >>>>> calamity. Manti is slow but high dmg. Allowing players more room for mobility without drop in dps. Calamity is fast and cool as fuk but, if u even miss firing one shot from moving, ur already falling behind manti in terms of dps.

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It's certainly a popular topic and I have a unique experience in that I was a Manti user for months and months and seeing the huge paper dps loss made me stay away from Calamity while I continually upgraded Mantis. Went from a 990 dps one socket with intel way back in the first couple months to a 1120 dps 180 dex, 25% damage and two sockets with 90 CD base. After months of sticking with the manti and its slow but big numbers I began to get into HC. From my SC experience I was weary of the slow and tactically vulnerable playstyle when it came to HC survivabilty. I thus got the best nonsocketed Calamity (1298 dps with 80 odd CD) I could afford and loved it. It was a revelation and one of the best gearing changes I have made thus far. I am always moving and repositioning while maintaining hatred/discipline with ease. I immediately went back and got a good Calamity (the one on my SC DH) and put a Marquise ruby in it and my dps only dropped from 255k to 245k which wasn't bad at all but I was curious what would happen if I got a good AR, 9%, 45+ CD witching hour instead of my innas belt and swapped my decent HF ring for a solid Litany with 48 CD as its random roll. Sure enough my dps now with the Manti is 273k and 275k with the Calamity. Now mind you this is purely paper dps focused but my kills and playstyle are both much faster and more fun and a very big part is that my survivability has greatly increased! I'm totally in love with Calamity and while other bows certainly have their uses and sweet spots I am a firm Calamity user and recommend anyone to give it a try on an affordable one and see if you like it and if so get the best socketed one you can afford and slap a Marquise ruby in it and have at!
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tried them both and i got to say

- needs attack speed
- needs crit damage
- needs crit chance 50%
- 2x open sockets
- higher dps
- expensive...

- needs crit damage
- needs 40% crit chance( you get bonus 10% crit chance with archery)
- cheaper
- 1 ruby gem > 1 emerald gem
- faster discipline recharge ( you attack with 2.5 attack speed, and crit every 2 shots and have a higher chance to restore discipline thanks to nightstalker)
- able to stun lock mobs/elites (bolashot with thunderball, you attack with 2.5 attack speed and stun every 2 shots)

i honestly think calamity is under-rated and suggest all demon hunters to make the switch to it, demon hunters NEED to attack fast, and if you have less than 40 discipline its gonna be hard to maintain gloom up 80% of the time cause you dont restore it fast enough due to the slow attack speed of the manticore. Its alot cheaper to build with a calamity in mind because you dont need to trifecta all you gears. You just need minimum 40% crit and then stack, crit damage, dex and surviablity stats. Yes, dps would look garbage to a manticore but its cheaper and more efficient
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If i where to use a skill like rapid fire which one would be better?
Or does it even make a difference
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Hallowed Judgment + marquise topaz because it matches the color.
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I use manticore for low mp farming (higher single hit damage)

calamity for ubers and higher MP



I've read in many sites that for DHs MP 0/1 is the best option and so far my exp/hour has been around 60m/h (hellfire ring, leoric signet and red gem on head).
I'd like to know the exp/hour of who fights MP higher than 0/1 to understand if it's better to change build (I'm strafe).
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I have used Manti, Calamity and dual Danettas, and Yes Calamity is fun, but I like seeing health chunking down, and anyone who says you cant run and gun with a manti clearly has never tried it.
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Or use a calamity that hits like a manticore =D

Here is one if you're hardcore heh
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I've had Manticore, Windforce and Calamity. I've gotta say Calamity all the way. Just the sheer speed of resource regeneration is worth it. With Night Stalker, and Perfectionist passives and 3.36 APS w/ 70% CC I can just stand there, stay Shadow Powered the whole fight and tank through AOE MP10 elites. I rarely need to use Prep since my discipline stays full. I only use Prep when vaulting long distances =].

Again, the sheer speed helps stay alive. For instance, sometimes I'll get frozen by an elite while standing in AOE but since I'm still Shadow Powered and the number of bolas and Spiketraps I was able to fire off before getting frozen continues to detonate and life steal while I'm immobolized. Thus keeping me alive. It's a sweet deal =].
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Now i'm very new to DH, but i've been playing around with a lot with calamities and manticores the past 3 days and i have to say that it depends on your build.

I'm going with what seems to be the basic rapid fire build and i can keep firing for a lot longer with a manticore than with a calamity where i have to repeatedly stop to regen hate (almost typed fury lol) because of it's speed.

With calamity however, what's been said in this thread is correct. Keeping up shadow power is a lot easier.

Seems to be preference.
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with a calamity where i have to repeatedly stop to regen hate (almost typed fury lol) because of it's speed.

Marked for Death with Mortal Enemy rune.
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Who needs perma gloom if you kill them so fast anyways

2hs <3
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Hi my name is John and I was a Manticore user.... *everyone applauses*

Seriously though I was terrified of the DPS drop because i had a pretty high end Manti. All the reasonably priced Calamities on the AH were telling me it was a 100K DPS loss. I just said screw it and bought a pretty good Calamity. Even though I took a 80k paper DPS loss I am clearing trash same speed and Elites are going down faster. Its just a lot more fun for me and my BL build.

So for anyone interested in Calamities keep this in mind. The AH will tell you that you will have a massive DPS loss but once you equip SA and Archery it won't nearly be as bad. Calamities damage is underestimated and the Manticore is bloated.

If you have become bored of the Manticore and are thinking about trying the Calamity out I highly suggest it.
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they're just sooo slowww!
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Personally, I find that the best compromise is a Manticore with over 2AS attained with gear.

The reason is Breakpoints.

Between 1.51 and 2.00, Rapid Fire (except Bombardment, but I don't use it) shoots a bullet every 5 frame.

At 2.01 up to 2.50, it's every 4 frames, for a direct 25% damage increase (15 attacks a sec instead of 12, for a +3 increase, and better Disc regen as a bonus!)

At 2.51 up to 3.33, it's every 3 frames, which makes it even better, at 20 attacks a second, for a 33% dmg increase. You'll notice that you need a 25% AS increase to attain a 33% eDPS increase - and that's where the hidden damage of the Calamity lie. The problem is that at around 3AS, you lose a lot of the extra AS for RF unless you use Bombardment (the breakpoint is at 2.86 to 3.33), and a Rune that I have to wait for 2 secs to start dealing damage on a very fast attacking weapon makes me a sad panda. In short, with my gear, switching to a Calamity would mean a 50% AS increase for 33% more attacks, which would result in a net loss of eDPS - if my paper DPS would remain the same, which is nowhere near certain. And since I use Spiked Traps...

Note that using Archery, and having the bonus MFD procs kinda brings it back, but not enough. I would lose either Perfectionnist or Vengeance as well... Moreover, I still have enough ressource regeneration at the 2.01 breakpoint to handle everything at MP10.

Note - that's why I run a SOJ w RF Crit, and the gear you see. My damage hangs at 268k unbuffed, but eDPS on elites/ubers with RF - Fire Support is off the wall insane.

Now, I could try for it, but 3.34 is a ridiculous number to attain, you need to use Zunimassa boots and Lacunis - and I'm not sure it's possible with a SOJ. Such a thing would drain your Hatred pool in 6 seconds with Vengeance on, but would grant an immediate 50% dmg boost!
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I wonder how much this difference in paper DPS people are talking about not making much of an actual difference is because people with manticores aren't hitting breakpoints properly to maximize DPS, so they have inflated DPS.
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