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HOw to counter a monk..

guys i need advice about monks in pvp.
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1st thing you need is enough tankyness to survive the initial attack. You WILL be stunned.
Usually monks lead off with blind, wol combo. once they see your IP go down they probably pop SSS.

Your gear

You will definately need Purple gems of the highest you can afford instead of rubys.

Swap out your vile ward for one with vit/life % or a rare with high vit, str, armor, life %.

Innas pants wont help you survive and the ASI wont help much in PVP. Swap it out for high vite rare our Blacks jousting mail.

You will either want to go with a 10% crit SS or rare sheild with vit, block%.
Alternitavly a 1300 dps skorn with 400+ str and 200+ vit worked well for me on ptr.

Your bracers are ok but a rare can get better crit and vit roll.

Definetly go with rare ring with high vit and a soj.

IP- iron hide
leap - call arreat
BR - marauder
WC- Impune
Hota- smash
Rend- Ravage .

Unforgiving- this will be your main source of fury.
Inspitiring presence- A MUST for pvp.
Nerves of steel- Self explanitory

How to take them down.

The tanky monk.
IP when needed. Usually right away.

Rend is your bread and butter VS most builds. Make sure you keep them bleeding at ALL times.

Watch for them to use serenity. Dont burn fury while this is up. Hota them when serenity wears off (4 secs).

If you get into trouble leap away and regen life.

The TR monk
These guys are idiots. Rend them and let them run around and bleed to death.

Have fun slaying monks!
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good skorn-monks with "wafe of light" will one shot the barbs even with 200 k HP =( sad but op
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I was going to say T-gods as well. I scooped up a 20% melee/7% lightning one yesterday just for these duels.
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02/12/2013 08:12 AMPosted by GeGe
good skorn-monks with "wafe of light" will one shot the barbs even with 200 k HP =( sad but op

This is not true. A properly geared barb can out tank ANY WOL or even SSS.

The key word here is properly.

Anyone who says differently just doesnt know what they are talking about.
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Dodge analysis against monk's SSS. (I'm pasting this from the PTR forums)

These dodge numbers reflect the active Sprint Marathon rune and War Cry Veterans warning rune. I still have to do some testing to give you guys the Dexterity amount required to get these dodge percentages later on... but roughly

I have a bit under 900dex (45% dodge) with 12k armor (buffed), relentless, and against a non-crit SSS (from an SoJ 200k dps monk) gets my life down to half. A crit gets me down to about 20% life as long as I time the Sprint skill correctly. I also use threatening shout to mitigate 20% more damage if needed (I usually use the temporary -15% ias rune).

% dodge - hits dodged from SSS (on the average)
14% - 1
29% - 2
43% - 3
57% - 4
71% - 5

You can try to go high hp but there's been many examples of barbs with high hp, high armor and ignore pain on and will still die from a strong SSS. If you really want to counter a monk I'd say you'll have to hit some of these dodge chance breakpoints.

a sample Anti Monk build
passives: Inspiring Presence - Tough as Nails - Relentless
skills: Sprint + Rush, War Cry + Veteran's Warning, Threatening shout + Falter, Ignore Pain
attacks: Frenzy Smite, Rend

tips: don't pop Ignore Pain too early, save some fury for popping Sprint for the extra dodge when SSS comes, all other cooldown management skills will come from experience.
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