Diablo® III

Barb Ancient Spear battle!! (For fun only)

As the title says, FOR FUN ONLY.

This is just a fun thing I propose, it is similar to pudge wars in warcraft 3. We use the spell Ancient Spear (well, Ancient Spear - Grappling Hooks seems to be the only choice for battles http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/barbarian/active/ancient-spear ) as our only form of attack. Any other spells would just be to support ancient spear or for positioning (leap, sprint, warcry, wotb etc)

I have a couple of modes in mind for this

1. Weapons only match
We use weapons only, meaning we have damage but 0 def/ar/hp

The point of this match is a 4 barb FFA. The person who gets hit by ancient spear will die in 1 hit and is out of the match. Last man standing wins. Players can bet a legendary or some gold to make things interesting (although betting is best done with friends as there are people who might not pay up when they lose if you're playing with strangers)

2. No regen battle
Gear and skills/passives with regen are not allowed. Hit people with ancient spear and they lose hp. Means that AR/def/hp can only help you so much and it requires skill to win this game by dodging, hiding and striking accurately.

A no regen battle will mean that players will have only a limited amount of hits allowed on their barb before they die. As with the game mode above, last person standing wins

3. Hook and kill
Full gear and whatever skill sets allowed BUT the catch is that you are not allowed to attack anyone unless you hook them first. Means no running up to someone and stunlocking them with frenzy or start rending away. You gotta ancient spear first.

The idea of these battles centering on Ancient Spears is to promote the use of this unpopular spell and more importantly, getting sick, accurate shots which requires skill, the ability to predict your enemy and, of course, luck.

I hope those that take up this idea play it with honor. Don't go running to the portal when your hp is low in no regen battles and don't go playing with invisible armor for the weapons only battles.

Add me if you wanna mess around and test hooking skills (note that I have no experience in ancient spear for d3 ;)

P.S. Please only bet with people you trust. I am not liable for losses made by your stupidity ;)
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Aww come on. Nobody has anything to say about this idea?
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