so ive read most of the guides on witch doctors with acid cloud. im really just trying to farm mp0 with my wd and want to be able to one shot with cloud or really close to it. right now i can 2-3 coulds before i can move on. for the gear i have i spent less than 500k and allready had taskers,zuni ring, and ammy.

im unsure if the skills im using are the most effecient also. usally i go cloud and then bear for clean up or elites. but the rest i dont have a good idea on. i see people say soul harvest. and it never seems like im close enough for that to be effective since i use cloud for most damage.

i figured a wd would be my best bet to farm for gold since they have totd and when i played for less than 2 hours i got 800k from just gold pick up. i know i could use some cc and cd gloves would help my damage and same for ammy its just hard to find anything in a decent price range than can match my min and max damage.

i would really pefer not stop using goldskin but if i have to i make it easier to one hit i would i have a zuni marrow with plus armor that my sns wizard was using.

in short what is the dps target i should look for low mp levels and how bad did i screw up on gearing for large pur and my skills.