System: Macbook Pro late 2011, running OSX 10.8.2

Before the patch whenever I ran D3 I would enter clamshell mode then play D3 in Windowed fullscreen mode on my LCD monitor. The game would run in the monitor's native resolution 1080p, I opted not to use the Fullscreen mode because that forced the game to run in 1080i. After the 1.0.7 patch the clamshell Windowed Fullscreen technique that I use was not working anymore, the game was forcing the game to go Fullscreen (1080i) and my monitor has funky black edges whenever it goes 1080i. Please restore the original behavior prior to 1.0.7.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Put Macbook Pro on Clamshell Mode
2. Run D3
3. Open the options/settings in the game
4. Select Windowed Mode, Apply then Accept.
5. Then use the shortcut key for going Windowed Fullscreen (CMD+m)

Expected Behavior:
The game should not modify the resolution of the monitor and it should just stretch over the entire screen. This was the behavior before 1.0.7.

Buggy Behavior:
The monitor flickers which indicates a change in resolution (1080p into 1080i). This renders makes Windowed Fullscreen basically the same as Fullscreen.

Please fix, I don't want to play the game in Fullscreen because my monitor does not fully support 1080i, causing the displays with irregular shaped rectangle with black bars on the sides.