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Small Gear Question

So I recently leveled my warrior to 60 and some of my friends that have been playing for a while gave me some gear to start off with. I looked up guides to see what stats I should go for and I think I am making good progress. I sorta have a 250k gold budget so I have been getting what I can off the AH for under that price.

So... My question is about my helm... I noticed when I run into packs with fire enchantments I just melt and my helm makes me take 25% more fire damage. Is it worth replacing that helm for one with much less stats (250k budget) for the sake of not taking this additional damage?

Also if you guys are feeling generous I will happily listen to other tips about gear improvements.
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I would definitely ditch the helm or at least find one with much less fire damage. I've seen them cheap with as low as ~8% or so. You're going to lose a ton of DPS most likely, but in the long run it'll benefit you in terms of survival. I'd look at cheaper Mempo's or a helm with a socket + all resist + str + vit + crit.
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Oh wow lol...i don't think i have actually seen an andy's actually being used by a player with that high of a fire damage roll!

Like MainEvent said...YES ditch the helmet. The DPS loss now is okay for you. There is no way to effective farm upperlevel monster powers with that kind of helmet. The primary reason is that the fire damage basically negates 25% of your all resist stat against fire.

Follow Main's advice and you will be a lot happier surviving rather than killing things quickly.

In general, when building your barb, make sure you build the health pieces first. The most of your EHP or Effective Health Pool will sit on your shoulders, chest, and pants. Make sure all of those pieces have as much Vit, Str, and all resist you can afford. Also stack any other "health bonuses" you can on those pieces (Armor bonus, life regen, life %). Once you get your health at a place where you can survive, then focus on DPS.

As a barb, defense is key. Always be able to mitigate damage first, then worry about dealing some out. In the long run you will be a LOT happier with your barb and take pride in your ability to survive!
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So with regard to building a good defensive barb, do you recommend going with a shield or not? If you do, what stats are best, and is it worth the $$ to pick up a Stormshield with high block %, or is that a bad stat to pay attention to?
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PS, I have used an Andy with that high of Fire Damage %, but I would never use it on a melee character. I can "sorta" get away with it on a DH since I kill from a distance. If I go into another area of the game where (historically) perps who use a lot of fire frequent, I'll switch it out **just in case**.
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Agree with the above posts keep in mind there is a huge swing from being able to do lots of dps in hell mode to dieing alot in inferno due to lack of hp and hp returns. Look for items that can boost your survivability first, as stated above, or you will be spending all your $ on repairs from dieing.
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Shields are good block percentage vaguely important, again make sure it has hp and hp returns
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Stormshield with ~30% block are dirt cheap now. I'd say you could easily find one in the 30k range or so.
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Thank you for the shield intel. Sounds like block% is a gimmick, doesn't provide much aid in the frey of a lot of elite packs??
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Shield with high block definitely increases your survivability but it also makes fights more drawn out and tedious... You're going to be a lot less efficient in farming. I'd try to find a nice middle ground of survival + DPS.
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Thank you, will do.
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