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Crit Caps

I plan to stack Crit Chance and Crit Damage. I am wondering either stats have caps or limits.

Most barbs Ive seen have like 33% crit... is that the cap?

can I get 50 or avove crit if i stack all the rite geer?
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I run around 55% crit chance and thats no where near max
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Currently there is no cap on crit damage except the natural cap of how much can actually fit on gear. I think the max is theorhetically around 700-800...

Crit chance doesn't have a hard cap outside of the natural 100% However, I think a couple of others have posted that for some reason they can't get it over 85% or something.

I am unsure about crit chance.

50% can definitely be attained as many people already stack that much.
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there´s been a similar topic last week I think, here´s my posts


Basically 75% is the barb cap not including Battle Rage, Ruthless and Wrath of the Berserker, only those 3 skills break that cap to a general 93% cap. Things like +WW crit chance on a Stone of Jordan go above that so it´s possible to have 100% with WW, Overpower, Revenge, Seismic Slam and Hammer of the Ancients.

Here´s the crit chance items/skills:
5% innate critical hit chance
10% amulet
10% gloves
10% shield
6% helm
6% bracers
6% ring1 (potentially another 7% from Natalya´s 2 set bonus)
6% ring2
1% inna´s temperance (pants)
1% tal rasha´s brace, inna´s favor (belts), pride of cassius, lamentation (mighty belts)
= 56% from gear (63% for Natalya´s 2 set bonus)
+there´s also some bad 1% crit chance weapons but you don´t want to use those
10% Overpower - Killing Spree
10% Revenge - Best Served Cold
10% Wrath of the Berserker
10% Weapons Master - Axe/Mace equipped in main hand
5% Ruthless
3% Battle Rage
3% Anatomy (Scoundrel skill)
= 51% from skills

As I said, only Ruthless, Battle Rage and WotB can go over the 75% cap.

Note that if you look at people´s profiles what you see is only the crit chance on gear, the actual value while they slay monsters is usually much higher thanks to skills.

Critical hit damage maximum values hmm, base +50%, MH Weapon +210% (assuming 1.0.7 marquise emerald and innate +100% crit damage on weapon), OH weapon +210%, Witching Hour +50%, Ring1 +50%, Ring2 +50%, Gloves +50%, Amulet +100% (+50% more for Endless Path set), Ruthless passive +50%...that´s about it, hope I didn´t forget anything.

EDIT: forgot shield...
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Cookie for Nubtro (thanks)
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I've managed to get +44% chance and +525% damage pretty cheap. No single item cost more then like 500k. Just rings/amulet/gloves/helmet/bracer. It gets more expensive as you add on crit damage to those items, exponentially more so with IAS. I think that +44 includes the initial 5.

Then another +18 from skills, +10 when WOTB is on. +3 with scoundrel.

Quick and dirty 70-80.

Could get another easy +10 with a shield, but I think the second weapon with +100% damage/socket/+15 speed is better.

Just playing around with a frenzy/OP build. OP+revel is much more reliable then revenge like this. Especially since frenzy+sidearm crits lower cooldowns. I've been meaning to try out something incorporating Ancient Spear+No Escape.

Could get a bit more on the pants/belt. I hadn't realized the Natalya´s set bonus until this thread. Still don't use OP+killing spree or revenge+best served cold, or barb skill bonus item lines.
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02/12/2013 11:29 AMPosted by Nubtro
that´s about it, hope I didn´t forget anything.

shield. +10% CC =D
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I was looking for this info. Just a quick reply so I can find this thread faster when I have time to read. :-)
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