Diablo® III

Fix Zero Dog CD Sacrifice

Fix the Zero Dog CD Sacrifice, namely the Rune "For The Master" keep the gear available so players can have fun with Zero Dog CD.. but the Rune that grants them 25k HP every time they press those two buttons really needs to go.

I can spam Zombie Dog and sacrifice and never really need to use any other button, it is like an all in one.. the dogs chase your target when you sacrifice you get huge HP and nearly instantly kill anyone. Spam it and you will see a WD never die ever.

Fix this before you "change" any of our needed skills. All I see is nerf this and that and they totally disregard this problem.
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Are you sure you're in the right forum? Because they sure do die in pvp.
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Oh I died plenty before I tried the build- with the build I did a whole 2-3 minute game of just owning before everyone left the game. This was the same people that were killing me quite alot while I was using a normal build w/ haunt and spiders. I swapped over to see how that health gain was and it was crazy broken.
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I kill plenty of 0 dog users. It's not OP in the least. It's a build and it can be used with certain strengths... just because you don't know what to do with it doesn't mean it needs to be changed.

Learn a bit before you scream nerf. I think you need to play your 0 dog build in some place other than a random pub where everyone sucks.
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A friend has the zero dog going. I think it depends on what you have for gear. I was taking him out 10:1.

The biggest problem I could see with the build he had was his had high attack speed and per hits wouldn't do much unless I walked right into his dogs. If he used haunt on me my life regen was higher than the damage he could do. I use fierce loyalty and jungle fortitude with life link dogs. So the dogs take more damage, regen and give me a few more hits. I would use haunt and bats which recently found to do some nasty damage.

The life gain thing would be needed I think for a dogs build or your survival will suffer against a certain type of build I think.
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