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I am sure all players in Diablo 3 have bought over 50% of their gear from the Auction House, myself included. But I never really had a sense of accomplishment when i purchased that trifecta ring. Because all i really did was click the buyout button and boom instant 10k dps increase. I want a way to have both self satisfaction with finding my own gear and at the same time utilizing every crap yellow i find to craft a item of my choice through the blacksmith.

So to take matters into my own hands, I am proposing the Psychol Mode. This mode forces you to be a completely 100% self found character because this mode will disallow trading with other players and the use of the Auction House. You may be wondering "Why not just discipline yourself to not use the Auction House"? That is one question that a teen age male would consider barbaric and would reply with, "No human being can resist that temptation of using the very steadfast Auction House when you are literally playing the devil's game". You may also be wondering "Why take away trading"? Because if trading was allowed and the Auction House is not, then people would use 3rd party sites to organize a Diablo 3 black market and henceforth defeats the purpose of being a mode that encourages finding your own gear. You may also be wondering "Why call it Psychol Mode?" First off, let me define what the word Psychol means. Psychol: The process of establishing oneself as a whole person, able to develop one's abilities, and to understand oneself. And second of all doesn't it sound like the word recycle, which in Diablo 3 would mean to salvage that unused and abused crap yellow into a beautiful and very useful piece of crafting material.

My hopes with the Psychol mode are for friends and foes to play together and really gain bragging rights because of the perfect Echoing Fury that they just found while the other player found a life steal Skorn. Since gear in Diablo 3 is the most important part of the game, then players in this mode will have to adapt to their gear by using different skills. Resulting in various types of playing types and builds. This mode will really show who is lucky and who is not. This mode will show who is persistent and who is not. This mode will show who is determined and who is not. And to clear any unanswered questions, this mode can be chosen at the Character Creation screen and will act just like how Hardcore works with Softcore. Meaning that you will have to buy all 3 tabs in the shared stash again, have a new fresh start with 0 coins, and you will need to find pages of training

So i conclude by speaking directly to the staff at Blizzard Entertainment. Assuming that it is in your best interest to improve the quality and the increase the competition of your game, I and many other Diablo 3 gamers would like you to incorporate the Psychol mode in patch 1.0.8 or any patch thereafter. We feel that the benefits of this mode completely outweigh the negatives, if there are any. If you don't believe me take a poll and i bet more than 80% of Diablo 3 gamers would like to see this in the next patch. Thank you Blizzard, all in all this game ROCKS!
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If you have bought stuff with the gold you've grinded, i see no problem to keep the game's integrity from a gameplay perspective, since your ingame effort is making you progress. The problem is that the current loot system thoroughly encourages excessive AH usage through crappy loot in order to tally more transactions. The focus seems to be the economy, and not the ingame experience. It's made even worse by the fact ingame currency (gold) is allowed to be sold for real money. This particular aspect directly devalues the ingame efforts in order to cater to instant gratification, which for obvious reasons doesn't feel rewarding at all, and actually harms the game's integrity.
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That was a long rambling post to just say "there should be a no AH mode."

And why make a new thread for something that's been suggested hundreds of times before?
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Major bumpage. I think they just need to add a ladder reset.
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For now I'm playing only hardcore, and I'm not trading nor using the AH. I would love for a mode like this to be implemented, but my self-control is actually strong enough for me to have lots of fun with my own rules as well.
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