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Weapons not rolling the plus 1 random prop

I got a Immortal kings boulder breaker today and it only rolled 7 Properties. The ones which were on the game guide that were the fixed ones. And it rolled on all the ranges that were on the game guide so i know it didnt double roll a prop. Why is this? So its like it didnt get that +1 random prop.
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It looks like all the ones that appear to be missing a property actually rolled either a +min damage affix or a +max damage affix.

The fixed min and max damage on the weapon actually uses 1 affix called "MinMaxDam 14_104" you can actually see it here


+[191-381] Maximum Damage
+[143-286] Minimum Damage

So that means it can also roll a +min damage affix or a +max damage affix as its random property.

The the exact affixes it can roll are probably the "MinDam {__} Two-Handed" and "MaxDam {__}Two-Handed" series of affixes.

If you look at "MaxDam 14 Two-Handed" the range it can roll is only

+[37-46] Minimum Damage

But the way items appear to roll affixes the item could possible roll lower affixes too. "MaxDam 13 Two-Handed", "MaxDam 12 Two-Handed" etc. If it picked a lower one the range of the extra min damage roll would be even smaller.

If we look at "MaxDam 14 Two-Handed" it has the same roll range as the +minimum damage
+[37-46] Maximum Damage

(strangely though the site says this is only a ring amulet affix. I don't know if its a bug in the site or not since the name of the affix suggests otherwise.)

So as you can see it is very possible to roll a +min damage affix or a +max damage affix and the total on the tooltip still be in the range of the fixed affix.

Just as a check we can see from DiabloProgress that these items do in fact sometimes roll over their fixed Min and Max damage values.


You can see from this list that the top DPS rolls either rolled a +min or +max damage affix as their extra property because the total in the tooltip is over the fixed range.

Since there is proof that the weapon can roll an extra +min or + max damage affix and its pretty easy to see that if it did the total on the tooltip could easily be below the maximum values in the fixed range its pretty safe to say that's what happened.
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im confused way to much to read and figure out
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