(this seems to happen once in a while, maybe 2-3x per week.)

While playing the game the client becomes frozen and I can not do anything, no cursor movement is seen. Alt tab doesn't bring me back properly to windows unless I do a ctrl-alt-del and open task manager. at this point the game client is completely inaccessible and an end task on the process is required.

The one thing that *may* be causing it, it usually occurs while i'm playing in games solo and doing tempest rush. I can't remember if it's occurred without doing tempest rush...

I've noticed similar things occurring in multiplayer games except when it freezes it recovers after 10seconds or so. (i've waited minutes in the single player game before ending the process)

Since the client doesn't crash crash there's no crash report. I do have a process dump thats 1.3gb's if someone wants to contact me via email I can upload it somewhere for them to look at.
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