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[Ancient Passives] - The Lord of the Monks

Was it me or do anyone else also feel that some homeless just wrote a few walls of texts on the forums a while back?
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Ok I read it all, if you can get past the writing style, some of the suggestion were actually pretty good.
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03/04/2013 02:04 PMPosted by Destructive
I think this game has broken people's brains.

no, people's broken brains have caused this game to be unfulfilled. :)

03/04/2013 03:33 PMPosted by Smooth
how about u invest ur time into something more productive like actually playing the game instead of this pile of bull!@#$

I clock 2500 hours, and have twice your dps, young one.
Respect the masters and know your role.

03/04/2013 03:57 PMPosted by dac
needs a summary of new passives in the beginning. i probably scrolled over most of them.

Consider it done.
Check post #24 below.

"My son, ask for thyself another kingdom,
for that which I leave is too small for thee."

Now you've done it...must...hear....this;


Of course,
You know what's up. ;)

03/04/2013 05:16 PMPosted by MisterAjikko
Was it me or do anyone else also feel that some homeless just wrote a few walls of texts on the forums a while back?

The Universe is my home, the skulls of fallen enemies is my throne.
But if you insist on, "homeless", know that J.K. Rowling was homeless when she wrote her books,
and Tolkien wandered aimlessly when he created the Lord of the Rings.

How can mortal minds comprehend the great works of the renaissance men,
You probably look at the Mona Lisa and don't even know if it's a painting, lol.

03/04/2013 03:21 PMPosted by Kayfas
Raahl I seriously hate your threads. Every single one of them.

Good, you should.
I have too many friends, and need more enemies. ;)
Hate them all, and don't worry, if you pray hard enough,
one day you might become (almost) just like me. ;D

Also, ich fand deine Ideen wahnsinnig gut. Wie bei jedem "TL;DR" den du schreibst, bringst du mich zum nachdenken. Ja, der Mönch braucht mehr als ein "cookie cutter" Mentalität, wie du es zeit ewig sagst. Es steckt viel mehr Potential hinter den Kulissen, und hier hast du die passive Fertigkeiten auf den Punkt gebracht. Bravo! Ein wahres Meisterwerk. >:-D

All in all, haters are gonna hate. But for those who enjoy the challenge and potential of the monk class, your voice is appreciated.

danke dir sehr viel, mein freund. >:)
Edited by CountFury#1192 on 3/4/2013 7:25 PM PST
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Here is the compilation of all the passive proposals.
This list was made from the remains of what was
in the book The Lord of the Monks, before it was burned to ashes..

These changes are to bring to light the missing half of the passives,
as they were designed by Devs originally based on the concepts of
The Zodiac Signs, and the characters in J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.


Scroll of the Ivgorod Passives "Complete"

The First Seal - Geist der Erhabene
Passive Ability : Exalted Soul
Zodiac Sign : Aries
Exalted Soul : Increases your maximum spirit by 100,
and increases your spirit regeneration by 1 per second.
When you are at Maximum spirit, All your attacks are empowered
to deal an additional 10% damage as Cold.

This effect remains for 1 second after you begin to lose spirit.

The Second Seal - La Danse Au-delà
Passive Ability : Transcendence
Zodiac Sign : Taurus
- every Spirit spent heals you for 88 life.
while taking a physical attack from enemies,
you have a 50% chance, to restore 8 spirit.
All lifesteal, is reduced by 50%.

The Third Seal - Das auge von Wôden
Passive Ability : The Sixth Sense
Zodiac Sign : Gemini
The Sixth Sense
- your dodge chance,
is increased by 30% of your critical hit chance.
Every successful dodge, increases your critical hit chance, by 3%.
But lowers, your armor by 3%.

These bonuses resets, 1 second after you begin
to take damage from a range or melee attack.

The Fourth Seal - Sangue della Luna
Passive Ability : Resolve
Zodiac Sign : Cancir
Resolve of Steel
- While dealing damage with the spirit generators,
all damage taken is reduced by 20% for 2 seconds.

the damage reduction effect cannot occurs twice, within 2 seconds.
While the damage reduction is on cooldown,
increasing the damage of all your spirit generators, by 20%.
this effect cannot occur twice, within 2 seconds.

The Fifth Seal - El León de Dios
Passive Ability : Beacon of Ytar
Zodiac Sign : Leo
Beacon of Ytar
- reduce all cooldown by 20%,
reduce all spirit cost by 20%.
when your spirit is below 20%
reduce all damage taken by 20%.

The Sixth Seal - Лови Посвящение
Passive Ability : Seize the Initiative
Zodiac Sign : Virgo
Seize the Initiative :
-Your armor is increased,
by 50% of your dexterity, and 50% of your strength.

While under a status effect of fear, stun, immobilized,
freeze, or charm, your armor bonus is reduced by 50%.

The Seventh Seal - Die Klingen des Wächter
Passive Ability : The Guardian's Path
Zodiac Sign : Libra
The Guardian's Path -
When dualwielding, gain 15% chance to dodge, and 1% crit chance.
When using a 2handed weapon,
gain 35% spirit generation, and increase attack speed by 5%.
When using a shield, gain 25% critical hit damage,
and 5% chance to block incoming attacks.

The 8th Seal - 主君Shukun Shinigami 死神
Passive Ability : Near Death Experience
Zodiac Sign : Scorpio
Life After Death : When receiving fatal damage,
you are instead restored to 35% of maximum Life, and 35% spirit.
When this passive activates, for 4 seconds all your attacks
are empowered to deal 40% additional damage as Arcane.

- Cloaks you in an aura of shadow for 30 seconds,
increasing your movement speed by 10%, dodge chance by 10%,
critical hit chance by 10%, and chance to freeze by 10%.

Every enemy slain in battle within a 40 yard radius,
have a 40% chance to rise from the dead and fight for you
for 4 seconds, dying in a poison explosion after their duration.

All elemental damage is reduced by 35%
But lowers your healing and spirit generation by 35%.
Immune to poison, holy, and reflect damage.

- You cannot use spirit generators nor Serenity;
your primary attack is transformed
into a black flame ranged-projectile.
- All mantras in the party are automatically dispelled
for the duration of the presence of Death;
creates a black sweeping wind,
that drains life from your pets and party members;

Change passive name to
Aura of the Dead

The Ninth Seal - πτήση της Πήγασος
Passive Ability : Fleet Footed
Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius
Fleet Footed
- Increases Movement Speed by 15%.
Reduces duration of Crowd Control Effects by 15%.

The Tenth Seal - Angriff der Zerstörung
Passive Ability : Combination Strike
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn
Combination Strike
- Each Spirit Generator you wield,
increases your attack speed by 4%.
while attacking with multiple spirit generators,
you gain a 10% damage increase, for 2 seconds.

Each spirit generator damage buff,
will reset 2 seconds after the first attack,
with that spirit generator.

The Eleventh Seal : Kristall des Friedens
Passive Ability : Pacifism
Zodiac Sign : Aquarius
Crystal of Pacifism :
- Create an aura of Light with a radius of 20 yards,
that reduces all damage taken by you and your allies by 50%,
when you or allies in the radius are under the effect
of Stun, Fear, Immobility, Charm, Freeze, Blind, or Bleed.

Enemies have a 50% chance, to receive their own status effects.

The Twelve Seal - Cantece de rezonanță
Passive Ability : Chant of Resonance
Zodiac Sign : Pisces
Chant of Resonance
- Duration of all mantras is increased by 3 minutes,
While one of your mantras is active,
you gain 3 spirit regeneration, but lose 333 life per second.

Enables the use of two Mantras,
And extend the initial duration of all mantras, to 4 seconds.

When using 2 mantras, you lose 666 life per second,
and each activation of the second mantra, costs 30% life to cast.

The Black Seal - Der Licht im Dunkelheit
Passive Ability : The Guiding Light
Zodiac Sign : Serpentarius
Serpent of the Light
The Guiding Light :
Increase the healing amount of your healing skills by 100%
every enemy slained by holy damage,
will Grant 2000 life per enemy killed.

when you use a direct heal skill on another player,
they gain 20% damage increase for 15 seconds.
when you use a direct heal skill on yourself,
you gain 20% damage reduction, for 15 seconds.

You do not gain damage by healing your party,
and they don't gain defense from you healing yourself.

The White Seal - Eins Mit Der Welt, Der Eine Ring

Passive Ability : One With Everything
Zodiac Sign : Serpentarius
The Serpent of Darkness
- Your resistance to all elements
is equal to your highest elemental resistance.
But no resistance is equal to, the One chosen element.

When below 25% life or spirit, reduces all false resistances to 0,
while increasing all damage you deal by 100% for 2.5 seconds.
You are under the curse of terror,
and cannot heal nor move for 5 seconds when this takes effect.

This cannot occur twice in succession within 12 seconds.
and Serenity cannot be activated
during the curse of the One With Everything.

The Crimson Seal - Der Krieg der Heiligen
The Missing Passive - Chant of Inquisition
Zodiac Sign : Arachne
Mantra of Destruction
- all your attacks are empowered to deal 20% damage as fire.
2.0% of the damage you deal are converted to life.
But increase all damage taken by you and your allies by 20%,
while draining your spirit at the rate of 2.0% per second.

This passive causes death when removed during combat,
upon death, create an explosion of fire that deals
1001% damage
to surrounding enemies.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LydmAJunIBYWatch in fullscreen, high HD, and good volume. :)
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I give props to raahl for picking a very interesting topic (monk passive rework) as intensively as this.

Everyone up to this point always said that monk passives needed a rework but no one offered substantial suggestions so far, not as complete as these.

That said I really wish he could have tuned down the lore a bit and go straight to the key notes on the amazing suggestions.. I can barely Imagine how busy game devs are (believe it or not Im sure they are).. and I really doubt they can take their sweet time going trough ancient numerology and legendary quotes.

I particullarly loved the mechanics suggestions that start working at full spirit or empty spirit conditions, both sound very fun to play to me... maybe why not a passive that works with both! full spirit = some effect, empty spirit= another effect that would be cool :D .

I hope your keynotes get highlighted and inspire developers in any way, good luck thread !
Edited by Colt#2370 on 3/4/2013 7:09 PM PST
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thank you Colt, much obliged. >:)
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As you know, I've had a problem with quite a lot of your posts in the past. (but that has more to do with how you've interacted with myself and others)

However, I've never questioned your game mechanics thoughts, comments, or suggestions.

As far as your suggestions (haven't finished reading post#24 yet), they're great so far.

The one thing I would offer suggestion for, is that since this is General (and not everybody reading/commenting actually is a monk) perhaps you may want to articulate which parts of your descriptions and suggestions are already in game, and which are the changes you're proposing. (sorry for the run-on there)
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Thanks to Colt for removing the result out of the words, so many words.

My take is there are some interesting ideas in all the proposed passives but I feel the majority are too complex. It's going to confuse new players and even seasoned veterans. The end result Blizzard come up with on Monk passives will not be that complex.

Compare the descriptions for these new passives with all the other classes. Few of all the other classes are this complex. Diablo 3 has been about streamlining and simplicity and these solutions go against the design philosophy.

Out of curiosity Raahl what do you do for a living? Just roughly is fine. I commend you for your efforts but I'm betting you don't work in the corporate world.

p.s. You use commas way too often when they are not required.

"While dealing damage with the spirit generators, all damage taken is reduced by 20% for 2 seconds. The damage reduction effect cannot occurs twice, within 2 seconds. While the damage reduction is on cooldown, increasing the damage of all your spirit generators, by 20%. This effect cannot occur twice, within 2 seconds.

While dealing damage with spirit generators all damage taken is reduced by 20% for two seconds. The damage reduction cannot occur twice within two seconds. While damage reduction is on cooldown, damage dealt by spirit generators increases by 20%. This cannot occur twice within two seconds.
Edited by m1kest4r#1595 on 3/4/2013 10:07 PM PST
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- thanks stan, no biggie :)
and yes good idea, I shall bolden the texts of the changes in the compilation post,
so it looks different than the mechanics already ingame. >:)
I used all 50000 words for each of the big posts, so I couldn't add more codes. >:(

- m1kester
I do nothing and everything,
I work in warehouse construction products, the family business.
Which gives me free time on the side, so I do fortune telling and play music. >:D
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I think the mantra of Inquistion is overkill, 20% damage taken just for partying with a Monk, the buff from overawe doesn't seem worth the trade off to me, in theory anyway.
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Those are great suggestions, I hope the DEV's read it and implement them.

Sticky requsted
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The Second Seal - La Danse Au-delà
Passive Ability : Transcendence
Zodiac Sign : Taurus ♉
- every Spirit spent heals you for 88 life.
while taking a physical attack from enemies,
you have a 50% chance, to restore 8 spirit.
All lifesteal, is reduced by 50%.

This should be different -
- every Spirit spent heals you for (88 (Vitality modifier)) life

Just saying, if you're going to request implementation of something, you should request scaling with stats (especially stats that aren't primary). If I have +50% life from items, it should reflect in my abilities as well. For example, with that 50% life from items, the ability would heal for 132 life per spirit spent.
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This thread should be moved to either of these places imo:



Anyways I didn't bother to read because I find it a bit annoying that you are trying to make a serious post with information and ideas on it while also making it into an annoying monologue-ish story thing. Plus you seem to drag everything out endlessly so yea...

Won't bother to read this though I'm sure it's interesting and has some good ideas. Threads like Gosu's ideas for "Diablo 3's Salvation" are good because they are all about information and not boring needless non relative monologue.

GL to the Blue who tries to read through this (though if their IS a response I'm sure it won't make sense as well lol).
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Posts: 12,560
I read through most of your abilities - too many have negative drawbacks to be implemented, honestly.

Diablo 3 is an action game above all. You don't have time to micro-manage many negative consequence abilities on this magnitude. Interesting ideas, but carried too far.

Prediction: if your abilities were implement, 60% would be chunked out the door by the majority of players. The others would fall in line with a cookie cutter build, and we'd be back where we started.
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Alright, even though I said I wouldn't read this thread I read only your suggestions for the passives.

A few of your ideas "might" be good while a bunch are terribly balanced and make all other class passives look like wimps and the rest of your ideas would take a ton of time to change and usually that idea in the end is kinda "non passive" anyways.

I mean really... you want to change fleet footed from +10% movement speed to 15% with 15% reduced CC? Compare this to DH's Hot Pursuit: A skill that will probably never be used by any good DH player. +15% movement speed ONLY when at full Hatred... Oh and the monk passive ignores the 25% movement speed while the already lousy DH 15% passive doesn't. Considering you only need 2 items to get to 24% their is no point in taking that 15% passive.

So yea that is just one example on how your ideas are a bit crazy, flawed and greatly over powered.
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@ Cybergoat,
no, LPSS should not be scaled,
it is a fixed 62 and not scaled now, so it will never be scaled later.
"88" is for Blizzard's idealogy.
You really think they make the stats for the players and not to communicate their beliefs? lol.
same reason why NDE is 35 and 35. Add them up and google it. :)

@ Demasked
- Demask yourself by stop hiding behind SC profile.
- I didn't make this for for non-monk players and/or non developers.
I made this thread for them, the devs, and myself, your unsolicited adviced is not welcomed. :)
- The DH's passives are flawed, as all classes are flawed. Why do you think nobody uses Hot Pursuit?
- The devs are looking for ways to fix the monk passives, the most flawed of them all.
And so I wrote that which, is the answer to their prayers.
- Don't like this thread? should've clicked the exit link I provided right on the first screen, buddy.
Edited by LordRaahl#1733 on 3/4/2013 11:24 PM PST
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03/04/2013 10:33 PMPosted by DeMasked
GL to the Blue who tries to read through this (though if their IS a response I'm sure it won't make sense as well lol).

The Lord Raahl generally makes perfect sense though he sometimes takes a longish route to make it so.

03/04/2013 10:37 PMPosted by CyberGoat
I read through most of your abilities - too many have negative drawbacks to be implemented, honestly.

This, as an example, the Transcendence suggestion is pretty good...then it is besmirched with the 50% reduction in life steal. While I enjoy the maths and everything, I'm not sure setting up a situation that requires a table to identify when a passive would be a benefit and when it might do the opposite is the direction to go in. Particularly when the buff you give to LPSS is relatively small. The spirit buff you give is situational. It would be interesting to see how it could be triggered. So, let's say one is empty of spirit...could walking through a molten pool spike it? ;-)
Edited by adm0ni#1887 on 3/5/2013 12:54 AM PST
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I hear your concern about the Transcendence proposal,
but don't worry, that is what truly fits the lore of a Transcended one.
To give up needs and attachments to inherit the full blessings of nature. ;)
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Fury, let me raise my voice (I guess) one last time to honor your effords.

First of all:
I read through all the lore and found it to be a good read. Wicked but entertaining. All but one thing: How can you compare Odin with Sauron??? THAT is true blasphemy! >:[

Anyway, lets go to the important part:
I'm not a dev, but I want to share my opinion considering the passives you suggested.

Exalted Soul:
Good idea! I would realy like this.

Goes in the right direction, but might still not be competetive with the other passives.

The Sixth Sense:
I like that idea, but 1 sec might be a bit short, to have real impact.

The effects are both helpful, but it pushes that passive from defevensive to balanced.

Beacon of Ytar:
Cooldowns + lower costs would definitely make that passive useful! The damage reduce might be already to much...

Seize the Initiative:
Meh... I don't really like that.

The Guardians Path:
Your best idea & probably the perfect balanced change! Love it!

Near Death Experience:
Wow... That would be exciting! But I'm afraid, these changes are going to deep for our Dev's tastes.

Fleet Footed:
Yeah... why not? The change fits to the idea of movement optimizing.

Combination Strike:
The reset would happen too fast. Apart from that, I'm cool with it!

Not a necessary chage, but I could live with that.

Chant of Resonance:
I don't know, what i should think about it. I probably wouldn't use it.

The Guiding Light:
That change would make this passive useful for Single Player.

One With Everything:
The effect would happen way to often & could be really disturbing for the gameplay.

Mantra of Destruction:
To extreme in every way. The biggest problem would be the negative effect on your allies; Every monk who'd use it would end up as an outcast.


Also I'm kinda disappointed, that you didn't ask for my assistance with the language of mordor.

Well... Wer nicht willig ist zu fragen, der ist zur Unwissenheit verdammt.

Farewell, friend.
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Ever got the feeling you accidentally walked into a self-help group for people suffering from severe autism?
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