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[Ancient Passives] - The Lord of the Monks

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@ Demasked
- Demask yourself by stop hiding behind SC profile.
- I didn't make this for for non-monk players and/or non developers.
I made this thread for them, the devs, and myself, your unsolicited adviced is not welcomed. :)
- The DH's passives are flawed, as all classes are flawed. Why do you think nobody uses Hot Pursuit?
- The devs are looking for ways to fix the monk passives, the most flawed of them all.
And so I wrote that which, is the answer to their prayers.
- Don't like this thread? should've clicked the exit link I provided right on the first screen, buddy.

1: No thanks. This avatar was available in the CE for D3 and I like it's look rather then the bland boring skull that everyone else has.

2: I started with a Wizard. Went HC for a bit, and then made a Monk (plvl 9) hoping that it would be a tanky class. However since dodge doesn't actually dodge everything I then switched to a DH. I didn't give any advice, only my opinion. At least it has more content then the usual one liners you find on the forums.

3: I agree that all classes need some work done to them either in the case of improving skills or skill runes and also provide a way for players to actually "create" a build (or content that supports their build -- skill affixes better).

4: The devs has stated in their last Q&A that they are fine with the monk for the time being. I don't agree with them, but that's what they said as it's their game. As for which class is the most flawed I would say that is subject to the players own opinion. The way that you state that this thread and it's ideas being the answer to the prayer of the devs only show your hubris and how you can't be self critical and look at your work and discuss it logically.

5: If one doesn't like something it isn't always the best idea to just ignore it and run away from it. If people weren't critical we'd be stuck back in the stone age with no fire and no care at all.

Anyways have fun feeling all important and 100% in the right. I don't want to add to your ego as I worry it might not have the room to be added to and thus explode quite messily.

Good luck.
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Bump, this deserves more than 4 pages :D
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Bookmarked. Because it's dripping with Monk.
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Bookmarked and will study this whole guide.

This is an awesome book for monks!
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what you guys think about changing one with everything? Id like to know where the general consensus is :D, any ideas?
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and Awaken.

this book is gone and buried beneath the sands,
all that is left is the list of the suggestions on post [24]

I hereby raise it again from the sea of threads, and if times go well, I will conjure the entire book again from memory, so let's see how it goes, in support with the current campaign to buff the Monk passives.
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Rise again, my Kraken, I have need of you once more.
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