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Just wanted to introduce myself a bit and say hi. I started playing barb and just recently switched over to WD for a fresh take on the game. No clue what I am doing but having fun getting used to the new play style. If there is a great compilation link for builds please post it here. Thanks!
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Hello, welcome to the WD class.
For compilation of builds and guides, please look at the sticky threads right on top, at the first page of the forums.
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Some thoughts looking at your profile build.

Your res all is low. Work on upping it. Once you do, you can get rid of Jungle Fortitude.

Acid Rain is widely considered best rune for Acid Cloud.
If you go Acid Rain, lose Ghost Bomb, as the large radius of Acid Rain will do Ghost Bomb better.
Lots of stuff you can replace with, i like Corpse Spiders with Widomaker rune, as it generats a lot of mana. Acid Rain untill low mana, then a few spiders to regain mana. Spiders also block monster pathing, they can trap treasure goblins in place, among other things. Its a spell that is much more usefull than would seem by its description.

You dont have Spirit Walk, it's manditory for WD's. Almost any rune is nice. I like the mana return rune, but they are all good. Perhaps drop Haunt. Spirit walk is particularly good with Mass Confusion, as you Spirit walk into the center of a pack of mobs and MC them.

Spirit Vessle passive seems odd, as you don't use the spells it lowers cooldowns on. Perhaps you need it to avoid death with your low resist all. I would replace it with a mana passive like Blood Ritual or Spiritual Attunement.
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Thanks, guys!

Don't be shocked by my gear or build - they are only temporary. A friend was helping me get to 60 so I tossed the Spirit Vessel on to help with all the deaths on MP10 Hell lol

I'll check out that sticky and play around with Spiders :D
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Been updating with minor purchases here and there, messing with builds. I think this is one I will stick with for awhile so what kind of gear should I be looking for?
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welcome to WD'dom Ahilgen!
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Thank you, Fabby
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Looking at your gear and set-up, I like your style. I don't know if it is a popular build but it looks solid. I may try it out :D
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If I were you, I'd lose Spirit Vessel. Yes, it helps you most, if not all the time but when you've used it for a long time, you tend to get so comfortable with it that it feels like almost a requirement for your character. The longer you use it, the harder it will be for you to change it for something else. I'm basing this on experience. In fact, I used it ever since it became available (lvl30) and when the time came when I had to synergize my passives with gears/skills to make the most out of everything, it was like playing an entirely different character. Though eventually, I learned to play without it. Another good thing is it will make you more alert, a lot more careful, and hey... the greater the challenge, the more rewarding it will be for you!

Try out or mix different kinds of builds so you can get the most out of your WD (which is, imo, the most interesting part when it comes to WD's because of the numerous builds you're able to play with). But if you're all set and going with your current skill set, you might as well replace Spirit Vessel with Rush of Essence to get more mana out of Well of Souls. OR you could also replace Jungle Fortitude with Grave Injustice which will benefit greatly from your already 26 pick up radius from mojo/chest.

Aside from ALL that... just have fun. GL! :>
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Oh and maybe you haven't felt it yet, but mana regen is the problem of most WD's so you've gotta stack up on on it as much as you can. From what I've seen so far, and I can be wrong, you can get MR only from mojo, head, and weapon and also from Zunimassa 4pc set with 20MR which is currently the highest you can get. With the Zuni set, most people tend to choose the ring, boots, and chest route and the last pc (either head or mojo) for the set depends mostly on skill build and if you want more DPS or added utility. I think the highest MR you can get from gear and base MR(45) combined is 107MR/sec.
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Hey thanks for the tips! They are greatly appreciated. As I said earlier I have only played a barb before this so very different in play style. I tend to look at what boosts my dps and survivability only just like I would with my barb. I did get a low-end piece of the Zuni boots, ring, chest, and mojo so I am playing around with that a little. If I use the SoS instead of TotD should I use Spiritual Attunement instead of Grave Injustice?
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Yes, without a good amount of pick up radius (20 minimum) GI won't do much for you so you could probably change to SA for the mean time. When you finally get the bonus 20MR from the Zuni set, maybe you could change SA for Vision Quest since you have spiders up. To find out which one gives you more mana, you basically just have to juggle them both. If you have a lot more max mana, then go for SA. If you have a lot more mana regen, go for VQ.

Personally tho, With your gears stats/skills, I'd go for ROE, BR, and either VQ/SA. RoE for WoS
BR because the 15% mana cost reduc is a big thing and also the 1% more Life Regen which is even more important and VQ/SA because you can never have too much mana. lol

On a side note... Your WD's looking pretty similar to mine already when it comes to stats (As I play only once a week. nooooob) Anyway, so yeah, you're probably gonna have similar problems/insights to mine soon. So I'm just gonna go all out and just list everything I can think of! lol.

1. A while back, I started noticing that my 840 AR (600 from AR, 240 from INT) is a little too much compared to Armor which is currently 3650. I feel like my AR should be like only 600 in total and Armor higher up to 4000 at least. From what I've been taught by most high end WD's, having a lot of AR is not bad but if you have to choose between AR and Armor on which one you would give more priority, Armor should always be first. But if you could, balanced would be great.

2. I have good survivability but took too much time with defense that my DPS suffered for it. I can tank fairly well on mp8 with my full defensive skills on and let other glass canons just dish out damage BUT I can't go solo since it would take forever to kill even white mobs. lol

3. LS and LoH is a big thing for WD's. Obviously, the 2 top skills are Bears with the highest damage and Acid Cloud with it's great utility. According to the pro's, LS works better with bears and LoH with AC. In addition, AC has the highest proc coef so not only LoH will benefit from it but also cc affixes such as stun/freeze/ blind. But if you're mixing them up, having both is good also. MOAR LIFE SUSTAIN, MOAR POWAH!!!!!!

4. Manajuma's Knife is a great weapon if you ask me, but given that it's Poison damage and not Black damage, you're not getting the most out of your Zuni boots with the 7-8% boost to Poison dmg.

5. Pierce the Veil is the cheapest way to get your DPS to increase by 20% but personally, I don't like it since the 30% more mana cost is a b!tch. Sure your paper DPS would increase but the duration by which you could spam bears/AC or any other high cost spells would become less. So yea, I don't wanna be super technical about it, but you get the point.

6. Don't get stuck to one build or 2-3 skill combos. You'll be surprised at how much fun you'll get and hopefully, more damage and survivability when you realize "WHY THE F HAVE I NOT BEEN USING THIS COMBO ASDFBVKMF." Don't just follow the premium builds that you see on the stickied threads. Mix them up. That's what I do. lol

7. There's a reason why people look down on WD's. We can build our WD's however we want with a more flexible build list. We can choose to be full on tank, a Proc Doc tank, a glasscanon, a necro rip off, and any other build you can think of. The problem is, we're never best at anything unlike barbs that are the most efficient in farming or wizards that are more capable of perma stunning. But personally, having that kind of challenge is what kept me playing my WD since day 1. It's the most fun!

Flying high fives and Invisible pink Unicorns to you bro!
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Wow thank you for the wealth of knowledge! I see what you mean with the three passives you mentioned. Even though PTV gives you 20% more damage, more mana/mana regen means more damage as well.

I just sold a nice barb ammy and have about 63mil to spend. Since the Mana knife is not optimum what would you suggest as an example? Also, my vitality is pretty low now, is it too low?
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Yeah bro, if you have to dedicate all 3 slots for mana passives, go on right ahead. However, if you can afford to take 1 or 2 slots for dmg/survivability passives, the better!

Don't get me wrong. I don't think Manajuma knife is a bad weapon. In fact I think it's one of the best weapons out there for WD's. It's cheap, strong, and most especially, it rolls 4 guaranteed stats that I absolutely love and need: LS, Int, Crit dmg, and %weapon dmg. But if you were able to find a black weapon with the same dmg and stats, using the black weapon would do you more good. My preference in what stats should roll on a black weapon (in order of most important): atleast 650-700 ave. damage, high LS/LoH or both if possible, %weapon damage, Crit damage (if weap doesnt roll CC, open socket), Int. If you reach a point where I can afford to lose one of those, I go for Mana regen. However, black weapons with those stats are very rare in the AH. You can barely find one with all the stats you want and when you do, it will cost you both of your legs or even more!! lol.

As you can see, I have an EF equipped. It's a good black weapon that can go as high as 1.3kDPS (or higher. not sure). The only thing I hate about it is that it rolls fear as a guaranteed stat and sucks whenever you have fast/illusionist/teleporter ellites and they just run like they're in a marathon or something . But other than that, I found it a great replacement for my mana knife because it has double the minimum damage of the mana knife and basically, MOAR DPS MORE POWAH!!!

If you actually look at and compare our stats, you have 150 more vit points than me. I still have a few crappy gears on as I don't play much so yeah whatevs. lol. Anyway, If you can get your hp to go as high as 70k or even past 100khp, why not right? But to me, I tend to think that anyone can get away with even 30k hp (anywhere lower is just plain stupid) so long as they balance it out with armor/ AR/ LS/ LoH/ LifeperSec. Right now my EHP is 380k which looks average. But honestly, I am nowhere near balanced as I have too much AR, not enough armor, no LS, average LoH but could be higher with BS jousting pants, low lifepersec (without BR), and to top it all off, way too low DPS (because technically, if you have 10000000000000 DPS you can kill everything faster. When you can kill everything faster than fast you, you get hit a lot less often. And you don't get hit as much as before, you can get away with anything! technically. lol) It's all about making up for whatever attribute you have low. Juggling. Or if you can increase everything all at the same time, why the hell not!!! lol

PS: Terribly sorry for the long reads. I can be too wordy. I like elaborating. A LOT. lol
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Expand away, my friend. I like your style :D

I bought a witching hour and put SoS on for a nice DPS boost. Working on a black damage weapon now. Take a look at my gear when it updates and let me know what you think. After my weapon I will work on a trifecta gloves.
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You're actually making my WD look bad with every upgrade you make. lmao.

Just a heads up, and you prolly already know but I'll say it anyway, ease up on attackspd a bit since the higher it is, the harder it is to sustain mana. The more attacks you make a sec, the faster you burn mana so yeah, just be careful. Mine's somewhere around 1.53 and if I remove WoS/RoE, I burn my mana pretty quick with either bears/acid cloud even with BR/VQ/SA as passives. Tho, I see WD's every now and then that run with 2.1 APS, so I don't really know how they're making it work or if it's all just for show. lol

Anyway, really hope you get lucky in finding a black weapon tho, as it is super hard to look for and expensive. Try aiming for 1K DPS then work yourself up. And if you wanna have fun every now and then, look into buying a Butcher's Sickle. It has around 20% chance to drag enemies towards you. Works well with bears really. But that's just if you wanna try something different. lol
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I was looking at Sickles earlier, and wasn't sure how the drag would effect my playstyle. Eventually I will probably get one when I am fully Zombie Bears. I found a nice one, 1200DPS, OS, 60% CD and 3% LS. It isn't cheap but I may be able to snipe it.
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From what I know, the Sickle stuns whoever it drags towards you for a very short while. If the enemy happens to be right in front of you in arm's reach, then I guess it only stuns them and not really drag them. Don't know anything else about it, really. Just sounds fun when you think about it. lol But if you wanna play it serious, don't go for it! There are a lot more better weapons.
So were you able to snipe the weapon? Hope you did!

Hey if you wanna test some runs out, I'll be happy to help out. I'm actually testing a new build myself. Tryna mix all the good stuff of all the builds I know and just making my own in the process. (altho GI still feels off in my set up. It helps but it's not the BEST for my skills.)

One last tip before I shut up for good, stack also on average damage where ever you can or at least on minimum damage. It'll make your bears dish out better consistent damage regardless of crits.

That's all I have, man. Hope I got you interested more on the world of WD's and you're here to stay. It's a whole lot more fun once you get the hang of things. MOAR EVERYTHING MOAR POWAH!!!! lol

Good luck!
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Thanks again! Add me in game Ahilgen#1287

I did get that weapon, should be up in my profile!
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