Diablo® III

WW Build - Dropping Warcry?


All you need to know about WW barbs. I have never used War Cry. Never needed to. I would use tough as nails instead when i first started out. But now I don't need that either.

Best thread for WW barb .. I am a new WW barb .. a month ago after getting lvl 100 with my DH i gave WW barb a try. LOVING IT.

My main barb i have spent 10 mil gold (to date)on plus some items i found during my DH lvling.. 21k to 26k dps per hit average.. And my female barb is less than 1 mil gold in total to date. Both never needs to use War Cry or Blood thirst on High MPx .. . Fury sustain/Life regen sustain are there. With alittle strategy both barbs are extremely playable. ( I have both cause sooo many times now I had to prove to my 100 mil barb friends it is possible)

Instead of blood thirst I would use either Tough as nails or Brawler instead. You have Life steal - the Higher DPS will make up for the lose anyways or the lower damage intake means you don't need as much Life steal. I opt for the more damage part. If you still need more defense get it on your gear. what ever you loose in STR for all res/vit .. the 30 % increase in damage will make up for it. Alot more in most cases.

It might mean a remake of your WW barb but the basic idea is GEAR - armor for defense first then when you have enough you divert to offense and use skills to multiply your offense .. This kind of gearing strategy lets you upgrade easily where if you gear for offensive first you will never have enough defense.. ever ..
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OP, my AR 500-ish and no problem much for MP5-6 farming.. I use this MP level becos i not depend too much on WotB (i cant maintain it bcos stopping to long to pick loot: gems, ToS, rares etc).. only certain pack a bit problem like Sheilding + Fast+ Molten+ Plague etc..
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I monitor items as they drop. and pick up a few rare items ( not all) like non-craftable archon items and legendaries. When you pick them up with a large pack around.. you take a few hits but you can get that back with LS plus you rebuild all your WoTB / fury / life with half a pack left . .. I also kill about half the pack.. run to the next one ( recharge Wotb and come back) most of the time they follow and make ONE larger pack and the killing spree continues non stop. you can a whole area faster this way and still have your rare drops too .
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yeah with nice pack area e.g Field of Slaughter, Desolated sand, Highland (A1), Field of Misery (sometimes) etc, sure.. I did.. sprint around the map to lure multiple elite packs and finished them with one WoTB.. but some area is not possible to do that, mobs density is too low....
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