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I beg you, beg you to check out Path of Exile

02/21/2013 04:51 AMPosted by Gunblade

lol so what I got it free in cb and it was not worth the install and download.

Well some people seem to enjoy it so I will give it a try?
I mean it is free and it ain't gonna kill me.

Yeah, it's worth trying. It's rather decent game, if you can endure some sick grinding and hours of spamming trade channel, when you need to buy or sell something.
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You still can't dodge your way out of your fails, even if you continue to attempt to lie about me in unreasoned ways. Notice all i said about you was reasoned from what you showed me.

You are just mad.

You may dislike it all you want, but what you write was incorrect and this goes for most of PoE haters.

And again, you generalize and insult, people who you have never even heard or read from. I read a very long thread about PoE on another forum. They discuss the game, what they're doing, answer questions, blah blah, you know, what a thread does when it's ran on a forum that's actually moderated. So, what's my point? Well, I'm not calling these guys brain-damaged fanboys who can't type coherently or use English in a way that people will accept as an actual language. You don't see my point still? Well, see, the only person I assume to be that, is you, and only you. People can enjoy a game, and they can dislike it, and it doesn't affect me at all. BUT, I'm going to link the very first thing you said to me

Some people just dont think very far at all.

You may be mad, mad coz bad,

See what I mean? You could have said "your points are wrong, and here's why", or simply, "eh, your opinion, it's wrong, whatever", but no, you start babbling about "madbad something something something dark side" Wait, madbad? Were you one of the characters in Homestarrunner? That website was cool a few years ago.

What do we call what you did there in that quote? Trolling. And flaming. But it doesn't matter. You gave me something to do this crappy morning, cured my boredom. While I, got a little kick out of somebody who can't even go so far as to accept someone's opinion, or even be constructive about turning that opinion around. Do you think I'm going to suddenly like a game because you called me "bad" a dozen times and used "L2" more times than any sane person can? Nah. I can say whatever I want about you, and I know it may be true. You keep saying "bad" and "fail", and pretend like it's 2005, WoW just came out, and words like that mattered. I'll stay here and work on my typing skills. Thanks for that!
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Well some people seem to enjoy it so I will give it a try?
I mean it is free and it ain't gonna kill me.

Yeah, it's worth trying. It's rather decent game, if you can endure some sick grinding and hours of spamming trade channel, when you need to buy or sell something.

Can't be less fun than playing the AH for hours.
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people who find POE complex is only because they are so used to d3's dumbed down play style.
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So, what's my point?

I am not asking what your point is, you already made incorrect assumptions stated as facts about PoE. For some reason you can't handle that.

Oh, and just for rofles, you follow it by this, right after above qoute

Well, I'm not calling these guys brain-damaged fanboys who can't type coherently or use English in a way that people will accept as an actual language. You don't see my point still?

First of all, you write in your "point" that you had no point. Like wut you kidding me? And second you assume me to see you have no point, and then use that to assume you have changed focus from the incorrect things you said to start it all with?

You be funneh mayn.

By the way i made full sense all the way, and yes i said you are mad coz bad coz you were mad at the game blaming something that was caused by being bad. I am right on point and you know it, i even explained to you why it was lack of skill and understanding that led to the wrong assumptions that got you mad about it.

look here where you start, the intro:

It sucks.

Followed by points i disproved and which you then got mad about, one being:

The major bosses are tuned way the hell up, to the point it's not even fun anymore. It changes from "you have to know what the boss does to kill it", to "you have to grind out running around like a chicken with your head cut off, because we've decided that's 'fun'".

Which we have followed down the path of and found to be a L2P or maybe even, didn't play much issue.

EDIT: Oh, and for some reason you can't accept that i'm fine with you not liking the game, dislike all you want, but dont blackspeech it with lies and misconceptions. So, i simply make sure to clean those misconsceptions up for readers, i am not really concerned with your l2p issues, i am more concerned with the harm you can cause in openminded readers. Mediocrity breeds mediocrity, a fact of life. Sometimes we are all mediocre, and when we refuse to admit it, is when we cannot move past it.

I'll stay here and work on my typing skills.

Still waiting
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poe man's diablo
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02/21/2013 02:28 AMPosted by Asbestos
I like POE a lot I just wish it didn't fell so clunky
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I've been playing PoE during CB and since OB release.

I'm a lvl 78 witch, and all this talk about RNG on orbs/skill gems making it hard for you to get what you need is wrong. Just because you didn't get what you want in the first 20 levels? You want a silver spoon for that plate aswell?

I have no problem getting any skill gem, any support gem, any orb.. ANYTHING.. Once you actually get to end-game then everything is available to you.

Of course some items like a 6-linked armor piece will be that bit harder to get, but you can easily farm for it within 2-3 days. And thats an ENDGAME item. 2-3 days is not unreasonable.

PoE is great for one main reason.. DIVERSITY.. You can have so many builds, and so many armor setups that you will never run out of stuff to do or try out.

This is where D3 for me failed (Yes i have 1500+ hours). It lacked any diversity, you find the majority of classes have the same builds, the same gears etc.. And once you get to endgame there is no diversity, its doing act 3, again, and again, and again..

PoE endgame is the same, its farming, endless farming. But there is a big difference. They have a system called "Maps".. and every map is different. So yes you are farming, but in different environments and different difficulties. So atleast its not super mundane and mono.
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I got bored with it pretty quickly. The classes all feel the same in the end because of the skill gems. My Duelist, Barbarian, and Templar all used 4 out 7 exact same skills (molten shield, cleave, aura with elemental damage, portal gem) and I barely ever had to use anything other than Cleave as an attack - I think Glacial Hammer is my second most used skill, which was also used on both my Barbarian and Templar.

The animations are pretty horrid as well. You might not think this is important with a game like this, but when your character feels like it's made of wood and bricks and swings his sword like he's swimming in molasses it doesn't give you a good experience.

Yes all three of my dudes hit Cruel act 3 at least.
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Path of Exile is a FREE to play Action RPG game developed by a small company called Grinding Gear Games.

I gave it a try this week and am obsessed with it. It is a true and worthy sequel to the Diablo franchise.

It is FREE to download and play


they make their money off micro-transaction, NON-pay to win ones, things like cosmetic effects, etc.

The company is awesome, their developers respond and interact with the forums constantly, they are patching things every week or so and embrace community feedback.

It is one of the most complex and in depth ARPG's you'll ever play, ever system has a ton of customization and complexity.

Please download it and give it a try for a few days, I guarantee you that you will be instantly hooked. The controls will feel slightly stiff at first coming from D3, but it's not that bad, you get used to it. Outside of that, you will find these brash young upstarts at GGG totally pwned Blizzard at their own game.

lol poe can't compete with blizz , poe is true garbage just like your fail advertising post .. scrub
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02/21/2013 05:03 AMPosted by Kupo
And again, you generalize and insult

Kupo, just stop...

02/21/2013 03:50 AMPosted by Nocturnal
Oh i see, now that i tell you how RNG and number of occurances affect statistical spread suddenly i need to grow up?

Game over right there. Plus, he used affect correctly. That should have been a big red flag.
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Nothing seems very interesting to me in PoE. Just me though. Have fun playing it though.
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PoE is decent. I played quite a bit before this newest patch for D3 and enjoyed it for the most part.

They have definitely done some interesting things, particularly with the skill tree, maps and skills/gems. It doesn't have the same polished feel to it that D3 does in terms of game play and graphics, but they did a good job creating a dark/gritty atmosphere with what they had.

I would have liked to have seen more differentiation between the classes outside of a different starting point on the skill tree as well. I think that robs the game of some complexity.

Still, for a free game, it definitely exceeded my expectations.

Would love to see Diablo with some of PoE influence, and PoE with some Diablo quality game play and graphics though.
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Really, this garbage again?

PoE is a terrible game that looks like it was made in the year 2000, and they waited a decade to release it at "the right time"
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I would check it out, but I'm too busy farming DE and grinding XP....while waiting on my Marvel Heroes to launch!
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If a game was that good, why would you need to beg me, BEG ME to play it???

I know why... because it's just not that good
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This thread should probably be posted in the Games,Gaming,and Hardware forum.

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02/21/2013 06:23 AMPosted by Supes
I would check it out, but I'm too busy farming DE and grinding XP....while waiting on my Marvel Heroes to launch!

Marvel Heroes kind of suck. It's just another D3 but worst with different skins.

PoE is actually quite good.
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I might try it again in a couple years, but my experience with it so far is that it's one of the most boring games I've ever played. Maybe it picks up later, but I wouldn't want to find out. Would've been groundbreaking in 1998. As is, I'd rather just go back and play D2's median mod.

Props to GGG though, trying to inject some life into this dead genre.
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