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compare 2hande and 2x1 handed weapons

Need a maths expert on this as i have a 2 handed weapon on my Barb that gives me 150,000 at 1.14 hits a sec.
Also i have tried 2 x 1 handed weapons that gives me 120,000 at 2 hits per sec.

i might be wong in this and probably am so if you are in a 30 sec elite battle.

2 handed = 150,000 damage x 1.14 hits per sec x 30 sec = 5,130,000 damage over 30 sec.

2 x 1 handed 120,000 damage x 2 hits per sec x 30 sec = 7,200,000 damage over 30 sec .

in theory which is the better weapon?
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im no expert but i belive your swing speed is already calculated into your dps

so the 2 handed weapon will be better for damage

but a slower swing speed will have a big affect on your LOH ?
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Hey Daymo,
If you go to d3up.com it will help you to find out what wep is best for you, it also will include your increase in DPS and in EHP. This website is a huge help to me when finding out what kind of improvements I need and if I think something is an upgrade to cross check and make sure that before I get it, it is going to help out. Also as Spltter has stated you LOH will decline with the 2H wep, with a brab it might not be so noticeable for they have some passives that will help with the Att speed. But, I would recommend you check out D3up.com if you haven't already.

And I might be wrong here, but you could add another 3600 DPS to the one handers DPS (In total) because your Att speed is more than 2 (as in your post), it's closer to 2.6 (ish). I would think that the 2 1H setup is a bit better, just based off the 1.0.4 patch that made the 2 X 1H and the 2H wep buffs. But again I would stongly encourage you to visit d3up.com.

Hope that helps mate.
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DPS sheet values for Barbs are largely inaccurate, unless all you do is Bash, Frenzy, Cleave and most Barbs don't because they only use these skills for fury generation. Use sssdrawr's DPS and EHP calculator: http://www.d3rawr.com/. The tDPS calculation is for WW builds but you can also check the damage of your offensive skills (like Rend) and you can also import other profiles to compare. I think all Barbs should familiarise themselves with this great tool.

Had a quick look at your profile (assuming this is your normal spec) and I'm not sure exactly what attack you use most. If it's Rend, the general rule is 2h works really well because you get the big damage all in one swing with the great 700% bonus over 5 seconds. But it's really only justified with a 2h that has a base weapon damage range (NOT dps) above anything you will find on a 1h weapon (e.g. Skorn). This is because if you DW and Rend, the damage is calculated from your MH base weapon damage. So, if you get a 2h with base weapon damage that is not much better than your 1h then you might want to consider sticking with DW. If you decide to stick with or focus on Rend and DW, then you need to swap your weapons around and you will find Rend causes more damage. If WW is your main attack, then DW is best because of the speed. Given you are not using Sprint/RLTW, it's not going to matter which weapon is in which hand as the attacks of WW alternate between both weapons.

It's more complicated than this, but it's a start.

Just curious: are you able to permawrath without Sprint and BR/ITF? Because it seems like using Thrive on Chaos with so little CC and without BR/ITF might be a waste. Rend and WW work really well together in a DW permawrath setup. If you can't permawrath, you might want to try a different WoTB rune.

If you want my advice, I would suggest go 2h and a Rend/HoTA build. It might be the cheapest option for your gear. Otherwise you'll need more CC and IAS to DW WW.

There are plenty of helpful threads over at the Barb forum. Good luck.
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