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AH error 0 and 31048

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having same issues as well, pretty irritating
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whyyyyy blizzards?!
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I also cannot buy or sell with the same error codes. This has been 3 days since I was blocked. I have cleared all of my completed items but still not working. I noticed also that sometimes my Completed items still shows 50 instead of 0. Probably a broken down key field in their DB.
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stash is emptied
sometimes it will say 52 items while there is NOTHING there
can't sell or buy items gah
can't view profile either
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I Have same Error. i cant buy or sell
error 0 for buying something
error 31048 for selling

says i have 51 items in completed tab but i have 0 items in there.. (Need to update that field in your DB)

I have this issue since Thursday(2013-02-14), I missed the whole weekend of selling/buying. (Right after I could make ton of cash with the drop of new design they added to the game).

Blizzards, this issue should be in the top of your list and it's doesn't appear so.
I posted in a few duplication of this issue and never seen an answer of yours.
Could you I least let us know that you know the issue and plan to resolve it?

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have error 31048 also after buying perfect square emerals from AH which wont showe in my stash after buying them. now i get error 31048 when i try to buy on AH
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still bugged
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Ok Nice to know that you guys are trying your best to solve this horror quickly but I have a suggestion... While its not fixed, why not disable auction house for everyone? I mean it will prove blizzard act in the spirit of fair play by being even with all players and it will bring the awesomeness of using trade channels and trading in game for a short period. D2 players know what I mean ;-) Who knows I might be able to bring some friends back in! Thanks
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Our QA Team has put up a post on this issue in the Bug Reports forum.

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I logged out/in then cleared out all my active auction listings, reated a little room in the completed stash, then I was able to relist items. Give that a try...

If only the auction house would completely die and they would itemize based on no auction house... hahaha, a guy can dream cant he...
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Still no fix for this? just happened to me again. Had to wait for the weekly maintenance last week for it to get fixed....any ideas?
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Getting error 31048 for the first time ever about ten minutes ago while attempting to buyout an item in gold auction house, around 4 AM eastern time 2/23. Just bought an item earlier today, so this bug seems to have just kicked in. Please fix it soon so I can buy my item.

I would also like to mention I'm having 2 other problems with the game, in case anyone from Blizzard's staff is actually reading this.
1: My game has been unusually lagging this week, so bad that I have to exit and play another PC game. It is not my internet connection, and the lag has never been this bad before. I understand you want us to play on battle.net to avoid illegal gameplay on closed servers, but if this continues I must consider it a permanent hazard when purchasing any online Blizzard game in the future.
2. Champion's Collection achievement is still broken. Subjugator champ spawns in early act 4 but does not count toward achievement. It is likely there are other broken achievements bugs remaining after the latest patch release.

Thank you for your attention regarding these issues. I look forward to purchasing and playing Heart of the Swarm as well as the Diablo III expansion, provided your staff continues to work diligently toward fixing and improving the games that I love.

P.S. Thank you for fixing the Shen "Victory" conversation!
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Pls check my auction house.i Cant buy or sell any items and i have eror cod 0 and
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This is such a joke I cant even play because I have too much backed up stuff to sell so I have no room to farm more. I'll be playing HoN in the mean time and hope that I come back.
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SAme !@#$ here 5 or 6 days now PLZ FIX
for the amount of time i play this game this
sux big time need the AH
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ENyone here actually get there AH errors fixed?
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It was fixed for me on the maint. Then when I hit over 50 items again it's busted. Seems like if you go over 50 items in AH storage it's not freeing the var when you clear it out. More annoying when trying to buy a few pieces.
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02/23/2013 09:51 AMPosted by Zerg
ENyone here actually get there AH errors fixed?

LOL relax bro. Somebody else is having worse sh*t than you do. I hope that'll ease the pain. Look at all those guys with error 3007. We are lucky we just have the error 0 and 31048. What if God was one of us, eh?
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I, like everyone else in this thread, can't post or list anything in the AH because of error 0 and error 31048. Why not raise the limits? If you allow the number of items to go over the limit, wouldn't you expect the database to update that total when it is reduced? This game is built around the drop of desirable items and I think the AH is a great idea for both us players and Blizzard as well, but these errors are really becoming a drawback because they are persisting, and do not seem to be addressed in a timely manner. Am I supposed to delete all the legendaries and exceptional rares that I have collected and bought in order to fix this error? Please address this issue. Thank you.
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