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AH error 0 and 31048

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02/20/2013 02:13 PMPosted by Quebetech
Ok Nice to know that you guys are trying your best to solve this horror quickly but I have a suggestion... While its not fixed, why not disable auction house for everyone? I mean it will prove blizzard act in the spirit of fair play by being even with all players and it will bring the awesomeness of using trade channels and trading in game for a short period. D2 players know what I mean ;-) Who knows I might be able to bring some friends back in! Thanks

Dude, do you seriously think blizz will shut down AH WHILE they're fixing it when they are earning a ton of from it? Is there still such thing as fair play? It's all bout the money, money , money.
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same problem error 0 hope it gets sorted soon
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I have had this problem for 4-5 days now. I wanted to bump this post in hopes that we get news soon.

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goin on a week now with AH broken, very mad.
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I'm guessing it'll be a couple weeks longer :(
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almost 5 days now...
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3 days for the GAH, now the RMAH is getting same error as of tonite. They really need to take the AH down and fix these errors
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still not up...
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Having the same issue here, getting a bit tiring to see the same error and not get my items posted.
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Been ongoing for 2-3 days here. Apparently there's no fix? Makes me want to play less since I can't buy or sell anything.
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Foladar ,

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What the hell... I want to sell my items....
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And meanwhile we can not buy or sell any items ........ this has been going on for days,weeks for people and you're telling us it's not getting fixed until the next patch ... time to try a new game then cause this one is currently and once again fkd.
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This error 0 stuff has been going on for approx. a month for me already, on and off. First time I submitted a ticket 3 weeks ago the rep told me 'had no idea what the error was from and has no way to fix it'. It went away for a few days, then back, then away, now I haven't been able to use the AH for 5-6 days straight already.

Now there saying it will be implemented in the next patch, whens that, May?

I'm done with this game, been done with it, just trying to get my money out of it... Great job blizzard! You helped put the nail in the coffin on this title ON YOUR OWN!
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i have the same error please fix it soon thank you and have a nice day....
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5 Days now...fix it...asap!

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3 days here.

Please fix it or do a maintenance patch to partially fix it for us!
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Guess what.........this bull!@#$ is back again. Gettin reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal stupid blizz
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