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Impending wall of difficulty?

Just started playing D3 and quickly became bored with the SC side of things and switched predominantly to HC. Some stupid mistakes (netflix and HC have a love-hate relationship) led to the very early demise of a couple characters, but I made it to 60.

I just started reading the forums and see posts about gear needed for Inferno that makes my, mostly, self-found stats look woefully inept. In my nobbish splendor I have managed to run through skeleton king on mp0 inferno, even face tanking some of his baseball swings because I wasn't paying attention.

I guess my question is: am I hurdling face first into an unseen wall of pain in the near future, are people generally overly cautious in making the jump to Inferno, or did I actually manage to do something right in a fit of noob inspired luck?
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wow - i'm impressed. i would have died 20 times over with that gear.

are you actually playing self-found?
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Mostly self found. Right now the Hellion's Treasure is the only item I have purchased from the AH. I also purchased a -level req weapon sometime in act 1 or 2 hell because 2k dps was taking a little bit of time.
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You'll make it just fine through Act 1 with that gear, as long as you're careful. You also can do A2 with that gear, but it will be really hard.

I would save Time of Need for when you have a lot more resistances than you do now. Since your armor is far higher than your resist, you will benefit a lot more from the % armor buff in Hard Target than you will from Time of Need, so I would make that switch.
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you will benefit a lot more from the % armor buff in Hard Target than you will from Time of Need, so I would make that switch.

Awesome, thank you for the tip, I will play around with that a bit. Also thank you for answering the original question.

Happy hunting.
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You should work on getting your "all resists" up.

I would also drop Chant of Resonance and maybe pickup Combination Strike for a boost in dps, and possibly make room for Breath of Heaven/Blazing Wrath for a heal and a 45 second buff for added dps.
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Yeah... Your pretty weak... The jump from hell to inferno ain't what it used to be, and a1 -a2 no where close to what it used to be. But yet I still don't see you getting far in that gear. You would be VERY lucky if Butcher doesn't enrage on you. And Belial... I think he will definitly enrage on u
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No near death passive?
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Ummmmmmm.... Wow you sure are lucky. I would to say you are doing just fine for act1 use the AH to get better gear or just buy the plans for the archon gear, with the current crafting that just came out you can make some serious upgrade for less then a million gold. GG gear LoL

Remove chant of resonance and seven sided. choose a resistance like poison or whatever and stack that resist with all resistance to up your over all resistance(one with everything Passive). Then its up to you what 3rd passive you want my advise NDE or whatever fits your fancy.

Seven sided should be changed to breath of heaven:blazing wrath for 45 secs of 15% dps bonus

My final advice make friends to farm with as it is a lot more fun and safer. Watching each others backs for situations like disconnects are great.

Have fun
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Congratulations for getting this far with mostly self-found gear. You probably hit the Skeleton King's enrage timer without knowing but all he does is cast more skeletons. My advice is that you don't tackle Butcher yet until you get your DPS above 15K, otherwise you will hit his enrage timer where the whole room is filled with fire and you will die very quickly afterwards. I remember sweating with about 17K DPS and the room was more than half filled with fire. Grind patiently some more... you won't regret it.
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Wow, all ya'll rock!

I wasn't really expecting to get this much usable feedback on a forum. Thank you to everyone. I had already started trying to get some AR gear and trying to find a resist to stack to make OWE passive worthwhile. Guess it might be time to move past limited AH interaction.

I will try to play with some of the changes listed above and see how it goes (the stun from 7 sided strike has made most elite packs and bosses much less frightening after picking off the weaker mobs, but won't be upset about trying out an extra heal and more damage.)

Thank you all again for answering and thank you khai for a rough dps number to shoot for. I had just downed Queen A last night and was debating if I was ready to push my luck on the Butcher.

Think I will take some time to grind first though, since it sounds like the consensus is "you are one lucky little monk and it may be possible but you're playing with fire"
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