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GG items drops - to sell or not to sell?

Today while farming Act 3 MP10 I came across an amazing drop -

I've used the ring for a couple MP9/10 Uber runs and Act 3 MP10 farming; I've come to the following conclusion: it's an amazing ring! It adds dps/ehp and allows me to more efficiently run SNS. (Note: My current gear set up is not for Ubers MP9/10; I usually put in vit gems/an amulet with 9ias, 8.5cc and 800loh.)

Would you recommend I sell the ring and buy other upgrades? - or should I keep it and continue farming until I have enough to buy a 250 average damage/8-10apoc Chantodo's Force?
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iI's an amazing ring but if you are not planning on going Zuni route (eg. Zuni pox and marrow) then you should sell it (should fetch close to 800M+) and get yourself a nice force and another rare trifecta if you can.

Now, if you planning on going Zuni set then, you must keep that ring. Very nice one.
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Wow! - my mind completely skipped over the idea of buying a Zuni Marrow! If I do sell my Tal Rasha'a I'll definitely have to roll a better amulet with ias/purchase a Chant Force to keep at the 2.74 break point.

By the way, how much more dmg did the red gem add to your Chant's wand (compared to your previously equipped - I'm assuming 100%CD - gem)? The 1540.9 damage on that thing looks sick!

Edit: punctuation.
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900m? I have never seen an 8% trifecta pox go for less than 1.5b have prices really gone down that much in the last 2 weeks?
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If it were me, I'd build around that ring and never sell it.
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02/18/2013 09:17 AMPosted by Ossian
If it were me, I'd build around that ring and never sell it.

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It will always be easier to get better mid-range items, but you might never get another drop like that again. I'd keep it, pick up a slick zuni chest, and keep farming away.
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I would definitely go for the Zuni Marrow. Your setup actually looks quite similar to mine, you can check out my profile for inspiration:
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should def get a zunis chest and pick up a good chants force... you will be balling after that
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Consensus from the forum is that you keep the pox and build around it since it is a sick drop. Now, the problem is that if you sell your tal rasha, you are losing another 9%. That's going to drop your aps even more. You got some gear shifting to do.

Marrow will get you 130 intel bonus which is very nice. Increase dps.
Sell, all your Amyst (or upgrade to Radiant) and switch to Topaz. another increase in dps.
You don't need 40k hp in new patch. Somehow stay above 30k hp and still should be fine.

You will need trifecta ias amulet. and get another IAS somewhere to hit 2.73.

In the end, at least you will be close to or above 200k dps.

For me, I'm going with ruby route. That means I'm going to drop my Nat boots and switch over to Zuni boots to gain about 10k more dps even though I will lose 7cc. I think I will be somewhere around 49cc which is still enough to run sns/cm. and ruby will allow me to depend more on consistent damage instead of spiked cc/cd damage. But I will have to test it out tonight.
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If you sell that ring you better do it because you're going to buy 1 item of equal or greater value. Don't waste the gold on multiple items that cost less for each. Those items will lose value quicker than that ring.
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Thank you all for the great responses! I'm going to test out the ring tonight with the 5m Zuni Marrow I just purchased; it's currently equipped, and it's refreshing not see the same coat armor everyday.

But if someone does offer me 1.5b gold for the item I'd like to think I could easily increase my dps/ehp to even greater heights with other purchases than what the 1 ring (no innuendo to LOTR intended) currently offers. I guess the question is how much is having this ring a prestigious endeavor versus a pragmatic one?

Either way I'll hold off on selling the zuni pox for the current offer of 200m...
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02/18/2013 10:11 AMPosted by Zed
If you sell that ring you better do it because you're going to buy 1 item of equal or greater value. Don't waste the gold on multiple items that cost less for each. Those items will loss value quicker than that ring.

I appreciate that you mentioned that; up until now I didn't think about the likely deflation of a 200-300m item versus a 1.5b item.
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lucky drop, i had to pay through the nose for mine!
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