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Need help increasing my barbs dps

My barb unbuffed right now is around 71k dps. When buffed he is around 90k dps. Can you guys look at my barb and give me some tips on how to increase his dps by 30-50k. His skorn has 70% crit damage increase on the slot if you are wondering.
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heres your problem.... you have ZERO Crit Chance on your amulet/rings...
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so crit chance is better then crit damage on rings/amulet?
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you need both.
Crit chance is the % of hits you can get crit. hits.
The damage of a crit. hit is determined by crit. dmg.

So if u have 0% crit chance, there is no crit hits.
If u have 0 crit dmg, the dmg of your crit hits will be sux.
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I am no great Barb but I do know you need some crit chance on rings and ammy crit dam on ammy be nice too (60 +). IAS and CC on rings and/or crit dam, you get most of your crit dam off weapons. You missing out on a lot of dps with nothing on your trinkets.
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Thanks boys
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02/20/2013 06:12 PMPosted by Planet
Reason well twofold IK helms are a giant pile of crap,

I don't know whether to be offended by that or smile... :D
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Ill try to be concise and polite.

1. WAY too low CRIT and WAY to high MF, 98% is just NOT needed. With the newer way the game is setup w MP and such, most run little to NO MF gear and just farm mp1-2-3 for speed, it pays off over the long run vs wearing MF gear. Base Crit for a barb should (some may disagree) 35% base without skills if poss. Ex: drop the MF on the ammy for a more dps stat, drop the MF on the gloves for another dps stat, Replace the "Battle Ring" if possible as its not that great and also make sure it also has no MF on it imo. Dropping the MF for more DPS or Crit based gear will give you HUGE gains, going from 26.5% CC to 35% or more will be like night and day.

2. With the 1.05 Inferno Nerf you really no longer need War Cry (even if its a rage generator), get any decent 450+ AR and you should do fine under mp4..if its close, switch the passive to Superstition..problem solved.

3. Since you have 12% MS on boots its almost a NO brainer to switch your WW rune to Wind Tunnel, you will move faster, get MORE tornado ticks and that is pretty much where most of the fury gen and extra dmg come from.

4. Yes it sucks but buck up and get a 100% CD gem in your Skorn, 70% is good but an open socket is silly to not take full advantage of.

If you want my barb is not a UBER WORLD BARB by any means, but hes at these stats, and I farm mp3 without stopping to pick anything up, it just rapes. And if played right and a few swtichout of skills he solos mp8 ubers for rings. To each their own though

170742 dps (2891 str)
51.2k life (1191 vit)
6500 Armor

My base crit is 48%, add another 10% when I keep Overpower up and another passive 3% from the scoundrel, ends me up with 61% CC..makes a HUGE difference :)

O and P.S. This could be just playstyle and yes Rend is amazing for self healing etc and does good dmg but overall id still drop it for WotB TOC- its just TOO well complimented with decent CC and Battle Cry - Into the Fray.

Hope it helps - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/trueX-1502/hero/15397188

Hell if you want sometime add me trueX#1502, I love helping other barbs and doing some trial and error via gear and stuff. GL
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And on second look, and again this is just preference but overall your skills are set for a DW build, not really a 2h build. For a Skorn with such high dmg ranges id spec more like.

Cleave - Rupture or Broad Sweep : M1
Hota - Smash : M2
Battle Rage - Into the Fray
Ground Stomp - Trembling Stomp (to pull them all in for Cleave, Rend & HotA)
Revenge - Provocation (if self heal is an issue, use Veng is Mine. If the content is easy, use "Best served Cold" for the 90-100% +10% CC uptime (its huge)

and finally either

(1) Wrath of the Berserker - Thrive on Chaos This is a pack killing MACHINE (if your CC is decent enough to keep it up most of the time if not see skill #2)

(2) Overpower - Killing Spree (again this is ANOTHER +10% CC, HUGE DPS GAIN), but it depends on your gear/situation. If incoming dmg seems an issue switch the rune to "Crushing Advance" to mitigate 35% of incoming dmg. If fury is a problem after dropping WC use "Momentum" at +12 fury per enemy hit, a pack will fill you 100%. And if self healing is STILL a problem (should not be w your IK Belt and Bloodthirst 3%) but if so use "Revel" for an additional 8% self healing.

Bout the best advice I could give, hope it helps.
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it helped thanks truex
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Here is my barb, not UBER by any means but he can farm mp0-4 with no skill changes, and can solo mp8 with a few switches here and there.
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