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Nice crafted items- lets see 'em

Ok, had to brag about the gloves currently equipped.... if *only* cold resist was AR or vit...

Armor: 309
Strength: 97
Int: 210
Cold Resist: 51
Attack Speed: 9
Crit Damage: 42
Crit Chance: 9.5
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Got my ammy today but its crafted by my barb LOL on 3rd attempt, but still can be used by my wd. About 20 tries on gloves and 10 tries on bracers which aint too bad but still looking for improvement.
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Only did 19 ammy crafts, got this and stoped :D

218 INT
168 VIT
13% Life
362 Armor
Critical Damage 69%
Critical Chance 9,5%
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On my 112 attempt I got the amulet I'm wearing. Going to be pretty hard to upgrade I think. Shoulders are decent, wish they had more int or armor.
Bracers just need higher crit chance and + armor or pickup.
Gloves I would like to see more than 40% crit dmg and some all res or higher vit and armor but they arent too bad.
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Got my Shoulders and Gloves within the first 5 attempts. Ammy took about 20 attempts.

303 Int
44 Vit
4 Life
71 AR

313 Int
96 Vit
10 CC
5 AS
217 Armor
17 Magic Find

21-53 Dam
211 Int
72 CD
7.5 CC
38 Magic Find
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got my shoulders in like 20 tries. wish they had more AR though..

323 int
116 vit
65 AR
+9000 to health globes

if i ever make a 0 dog!
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I got this ammy after about 40 attempts.

243 Dex
359 Int
35 Physical Resist
94% CD
7.5% Crit

Dex and not vit kinda sucks but I still gained 16k dps so I'm not complaining. My question is, do I continue crafting for a better ammy (one with Vit/AR) or move on to shoulders? Probably a long shot to craft another ammy with the same dps but more EHP?
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This is a whopping 26k upgrade over my tal rasha with 6% elemental and 231 int and 61cd and 10 cc...


wished it had more vit and ar/armor...
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wrong class but i got these for my lighting resist monk(I main WD) on the 6th try:

228 Dex
100 vit
49 lighting resist
crit damage 47%
Crit Chance 9%
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My amulet kindof jerks my dps up by 14k rofl. Average dmg, intell, vit, double crit, socket. What else can I ask for?
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i haven't done much int crafting yet but i got some nice upgrades that allowed me to go TR monk after the patch hit. Big help I would have been dead in the water otherwise since my SW was nerfed/patched
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