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This system good enough for future games?

Finally upgrading to a full desktop, and with ESO coming out later this year (hopefully), as well as other games, I saw this and was wondering if it would hold its own for the next couple of years and be able to run games such as GW2, D3, and ESO on max settings.


Or if can suggest one better for under $700 from www.tigerdirect.com
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Here's a good thread to check out:


While Kalganized's budget-build prices assume that you're building it yourself, you can always use them as a template for buying one from tigerdirect, newegg, etc.
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For gaming with this generation's games, i would prefer builds with Core i5-3570K as the processor, and 8 GB of ram. Personally, I like nVidia for my cards, but with the free games that come with the AMD cards, the HD 7970 sold at Newegg is a good deal.

I don't like to get prebuilt computers and much prefer to build it myself, going over individual parts. Prebuilt computers are very unbalanced - ram is often too much, the processor is immensely more powerful than the video card.
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1) If you're getting an AMD system, make sure you are getting Piledriver/Vishera, ie FX-4300, 6300, 8320, 8350.

2) A 6670 isn't going to be maxing out anything. It's an entry level card. It will handle games, but not at max settings

3) Asking for a system that can run ESO on max settings is kinda dumb...we don't know what the system requirements will be for it yet.
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I recently built the following computer

mid tower case
700 watt psu
asrock mb
1.5 tb hard drive
16 gigs of ram ddr3
dvd rewriter drive


Then the graphics card is basically anything you want to spend on.

in short build your own and you can get more bang for your buck. I could have cut costs by going with less ram, less hdd, lower psu or even the locked processor. You could probably build everything besides the video card for around $415 before graphics card with an I5 (185-210) (depends on model), 8 gigs (40), 500 gig (50), 550 watt psu (40), mb (65), case (20), dvd drive (15), and so forth
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define future games and you might get a more specific answer

i mean...
there's 10,000,000 on steam. that was released 2012. not bad
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