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Problem with PVP in D3

D1 and D2 PVP was fun because it could happen anywhere. All you needed to do was declare war on your ally and you get to attack them. Thats the fun part about it. You join a public game and out of no where a PK appears and world PVP begins.

But in diablo3, pvp was only confined to a zone. Thats boring. I am sure with this simple change, alot of innovations can be made in the future. ( i got tons of ideas being a PVP junkie and Ultima online freak) =P.

One simple way to improve this game is to add some risk/unpredictability in it. Can even make players drop items/gold that was picked up last 5 min too.

I miss those games where players are not confined by so many carebear rules. Those were the days...
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While all of those things are fun when you are more powerful and delivering them to your opponents, none of them are fun to be on the receiving end of. They aren't especially good ideas.
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PVP is never going to be popular again as it was with Ultima and Shadowbane. The idea of losing an item or gold for a death scares the hell out of the new gamer. Over the last decade, as games became popular to the masses, there's been a trend to make games more casual and appealing. PvP, although very fun, frustrates the new games so much that they end up hating the game and telling their friends who were interested, that it's no good.

I guess it's like a movie or some other form of entertainment. Some people prefer the 3 hour epic drama while others prefer caddyshack.

I think most people playing diablo, are of the caddyshack choice.
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I think the map they have is quite well designed and much better for pvp than any place in the normal world. however just having a single map is a joke. if they were to release a pvp map editor that the community could make their own maps and mini games with, it would be a huge step for d3 that would provide endless fun and end game variety.
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i came back from many months break just to try pvp. my reaction? back to uninstalling diablo 3 again.
back then d2 lod pvp was fun. especially the 4v4 clan wars bm or gm and of course pub stomping. now we have this casual arena duels what a !@#$in joke. lost interest after 5 minutes. my gear may be !@#$ i dont mind gearing up if it was fun.
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I agree with Han! In Diablo we have always been able to declare hostility anytime anywhere!
PVP: We want to be able to declare hostility anytime anywhere in Diablo 3. It is Our favorite feature in Diablo 2. It is what makes Diablo Diablo!. If people want to be colorful carebears that ASK to kill you, there are many games like that:( W.O.W.) .
In Diablo we TELL YOU we're coming to kill you. People can avoid being hostiled by: 1) Not making game public 2) Having full game. Once hostiled they can: 1) Stand and fight with honor, 2) Run and Hide, 3) Go to town, 4) leave game.
Please, Blizzard do not dumb-down and water-down and sissify this game so much that You ruin the game ( and the spirit of the game ) entirely. . . There are plenty of games with no pvp or carebear pvp out there. Diablo has always had some of the manliest, most fun, spontaneous dueling within a full, well-rounded RPG! Plz, lets keep that fine tradition ( and keep your customers).
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Having to leave a game and start again only to have the same over geared douche join and kill you more isn't fun. You would lose your stacks and progression. Sorry but blizzard didnt design this game for pvp, get over it.
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^this. Get over it.
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