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I thought you guys might be interested in a new MMORPG in pre-development. It's called Trials of Ascension and their website is http://trialsofascension.com. The developers have a lot of great features planned that try to fix some of the issues that EQ-clones have (everyone can get to end-game content with enough time and then they're stuck waiting for new content to come out). For you HC afficonados, the game does have a perma-death feature. After 100 deaths (to give a little buffer to account for lag and developing your character's story a bit) your character will die permanently. Right now the devs are trying to build up interest and hype so they can launch a successful Kickstarter, so I hope you guys will check it out and like what you see, because I really want to see this game launch!
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I like what I see on the website. Whether people want to admit it or not, or are too stupid to realize, most MMO's are clones, or worse, so casual friendly and "fun for everyone!"... /rolleyes.. Change is always good to see as far as I'm concerned, thank you for bringing this to my attention.
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I've heard about this game off an on for a few months now. It has some interesting ideas so I hope it gets funded and made. I'm rather burned out on MMOs though so I doubt I'll play it.
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I looked through the features and the settlements idea looks pretty interesting. Not sure how I feel about perma-death though, but I won't knock something until I try it.
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