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Don't know what to upgrade


My first HC char, my WD is coming along well. I'm sitting at 40-45k dps and 60k hp with decent all res. I think I'm ready to move towards cranking up MP instead of farming a3 mp0 over and over but my only upgrades seem insanely unaffordable. I only have like 10 mil to spend. Where should I put it? I feel like I need more life on hit and res probably.

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Crafting,look at my chest piece and shoulders: Outside of crafting (Bracers, Gloves, and Amulet as well)

OH: while I know you want the set bonus, you would be much better off getting a Serpent (the legendary I can't spell, lol) or Thing of the Deep and getting the crit. 8%+ Crit is worth more than the 2 piece bonus, A nice serpent can be had for 4-6m since Thing of the Deep is preferred due to its pick-up radius and synergy and pick-up radius fueling Grave injustice and/or Grim Feast.

Nothing else insane, you can upgrade each piece (besides maybe your helm) at anytime piece b y piece for a 2-3K increase, but you are probably pushing 4-7m+ per upgrade now, besides maybe the IAS ring, not sure how going from IAS to a 45 Crit (cheap) would do for your DPS
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Thanks, I'll take a look at OH's. I've been farming a whole load of plans but I've been selling them all and taking advantage of the good market while I can. Plan on getting them for myself when they inevitably get cheaper.

I've dabbled in a1 mp1 and been fine but a3 on mp0 is just so quick and easy now. At what point should I start farming for keys and trying for a hellfire?
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Im in the same boat, not sure when I should try for hellfire,
I have 3-4 keys for a1 and a3, been keeping it in the back of my mind, just hesitant since I feel so squishy.
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