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Help, I seem to have plateaued

I have been playing for about 5 weeks now and while progress was quick at first it's now not only slowed down but seemed to have stopped. At this point I CAN play on MP 4 but, not near well enough to farm efficiently. Usually I just drop down to MP2 for farming, though now that I'm farming for keys, it is not a high enough drop rate to seem worthwhile (36 inferno act 3 runs (get 5 stack then key-warden) and 0 keys thus far).

I've been quite lucky as far as item drops and deals on the AH (nothing over $5m) to get my barb equipped as well as I have (as far as I know) and seem to be at a point that even an incremental upgrade will cost 10's - 100's of millions. I am not adverse to dropping some loot but, I would rather not do so unless it is really going to help.

So, i figure I am one of the following: rather ill-equipped or terribly impatient.

Which one is it? Do I still need to shop for better items (if so, what helped you guys the most) or do I need to stop my b!#@%ing and go play for another few weeks?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!
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I would suggest farming or buying strength amulet and glove recipes, if you don't have them already, and crafting some nice gloves and a neck. You have probably already gotten some Demonic Essences on your key farming runs.

Good luck!
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get better MH...replace your OH to Dagger or sword.. and keep your leoric and buy a rare ring with CC and IAS/CD...
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Thanks Araphel. I have been crafting as I go, hopefully it's just a matter of time before a good one comes of it. My ammy now has 240 str, how high can it roll?

Thank you too, SabX (if I can call you that). If I can ask though, what makes a good MH/OH weapon? (i.e.-why dagger or sword for OH? does weapon type trump ias/cc/cd?) Not being argumentative, just allowing my ignorance to shine through.
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u can read this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6037344497

happy reading. :)
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That is awesome, Sabx. Thanks for the links. I'd just started to go through all the posts but hadn't come across them yet. I'm guessing there's gonna' be some math involved. Guess I'll have to make peace w/ the numbers (I always thought the 4 and 7 were cool but, the rest are just a$$holes)
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The highest strength roll I've gotten on one of the new crafted ammy's is 343, so I'm guessing 350 - 400 might be the cap? I haven't looked it up though.
Maybe one of our more knowledgable Barbs can help?
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Araphel: just crafted 15 more ammys, got a bunch of almosts. No trifectas, yet. Too bad we can't sell them, I know SOMEBODY could use a couple of these.

You say str can go to at least ~350, i got a few with int and vit up to at least 300 and armor can go above 300. Also saw some damage that goes up to 31-81 (highest i've seen). Looks like you can definitely craft a pretty powerful ammy with enough time, mats, $, and luck.

Now I just have to do the homework SabX gave me to figure out what/why my weapons lack.
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Get some lifesteal. The IK belt should help a lot and will give you the IK 2set bonus. Or go for a high STR Lamentation for the higher dps route but I think the IK belt would be better.

I'm not sure about others but I personally would not suggest Blackthorns belt for a WW barb unless it has decent AR or really high VIT. A rare pants could be a lot better and a lot cheaper too IMO
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agree... Mighty belt with LS (2.8-3) is a must until u can afford/ loot a weapon with LS on it.. u know LS on belt make other class envy to barb... so use it.. :)
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Oh. And your profile says you have Unforgiving on? I'm not sure if it's updated or not but you shouldn't be having fury probs at this stage. Swap it for Bloodthirst or Superstition if you're having trouble with arc/molten/plague
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Araphel: Did some more crafting, no luck w/ ammy yet but, got a decent dual-fecta (no ias) set of gloves

SabX: Again, appreciate the links. They were a little too math intensive for me to comprehend, though. What I did do was get an EF for my OH. The attack speed buff has me up to 2.23 aps.

Still have the MH you didn't like. I actually have two Sky Splitters. One has +77 CD, the other has 3%LS. [w/ the IK you and Bugs suggested, that would bring my LS up to 5.8, but my DPS would drop from 91k to 74k] Until I can figure out a replacement would you recommend the CD or LS? Is lifesteal worth the tradeoff?

Bugs: Yeah, I haven't messed w/ my skills for awhile. I guess I got a little spoiled in not having to get my fury up initially. But no, you're correct in that I have no real problems keeping it up. I'll go ahead and give bloodthirst a try. If the recommendation from you guys is to use the LS Sky Splitter, that would bring my LS to 8.8.


I would like to posit one more question if I may.

In my reading last night, I read that there is an 80% nerf on LS in inferno. Do you guys know if this will apply to Bloodthirst as well as my equipment bonuses? If so that drops my LS down to ~1.7%. Is that enough or should I try to stack more LS.
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Your DPS is calculated based on all of your skills and everything you have on. IF your not using them efficintly it actually wont have a real effect on your overall damage you deal from bash and stuff.

With the right assortment of skills you can artifically inflate that number.

Try using the bash rune that deals 8% extra damage and can stack up to 3 times That will give you 24% more DPS. For one of your passive skills instead of using the unforgving rune, use Superstition. It will add some defense and is a great fury generator. Will allow you to take on those extra thugs.

Look at your rend rune, your using a rune to hit monsters farter away when there is a 9% lifesteal rune built in. If you rend with 9% lifesteal and then bash face, your hp will always stay full because for 5 sec your gaining a ton of HP back.

Overpower, your using a fury generation rune, If you were to use crushing advance rune you would take 35% less damage. Huge benefit in those moments your surrounded or in a boss fight.
If you feel comfortable and dont need the damage reduction maybe try going for 10% extra crit chance rune, possibly even Revenge which is a good healer and damage dealer, and has no cost to use.

Its all about your skills and what combination of them you use. Yes weapons are imortant but skills make or break your character in so many ways.
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[w/ the IK you and Bugs suggested, that would bring my LS up to 5.8, but my DPS would drop from 91k to 74k] Until I can figure out a replacement would you recommend the CD or LS? Is lifesteal worth the tradeoff?

If you like surviving, lifesteal is a must. Also in your DPS range, 5-6% lifesteal will not sustain you constantly in RD packs. You will still have to kite. The higher your dps, the lesser amount of lifesteal is required. You are in the middle phase of DPS where i would recommend 3 slots of LS for sustain.

Also you should craft shoulders of vitality. You should get a quick upgrade to those viles. They definitely need more EHP stats. % life is good but Core vit is more important.
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The more advice, the better.

As I said before, I got in a bit of a rut w/ my skills. Kept the bash rune I had just because I felt I needed the stun on some elites and was really hatin' the knockback. I guess now that I have fear on my EF, i should just get used to monsters flyin' 'round. I'll go ahead and give the punish rune a try and the LS on rend too. Might as well go all the way and go for revenge. You'd better be right about all this Matty ;) I get what you're sayin' though about finding and using the "synergy" of my skills.

Pri, made some vit shoulders. Got me 11k more life. I'll probably miss the damage and AR at first but, i'm sure I can get used to that 'til i find/craft a set w/all three.

I'm gonna go give this all a try. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Thanks
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Good luck!

Remember right when you go into a battle, activate rend and go bananas :)

Also it looks like you put Revel on your overpower rune, While its a good life gain rune, i think you may we talked about "revenge" which is another skill in itself.
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Yea, I went with revenge. I just haven't logged out to refresh the profile yet.

I'm doin MP 3 and while I wouldn't call it farming, I definitely DON'T have much trouble staying alive. Hit a double elite pack as soon as i TP'd into the core; frozen &/or walled, arcane beams, poison pools, AND almost constant succubi debuff (blood bleed or sumptin'). Barely went down to 1/3 life the whole time UNTIL I hit rend right after their RD went up. We all died together. Superstition was a great call guys! I would NOT have lasted that long previously. As I said before, I won't be doing much math, but I think that even though I was bemoaning the loss of AR from my shoulders, using superstition ended up giving me a net gain (at least for elemental).

Other than that, it was a slower run but, i didn't feel in any danger of dying. [And, I'll bet, taking those long walks back after dying slowed me down at least as much as doing a bit less damage]. And now all I have to do is get me some more STR to speed it up.

I had to put a bit more effort into fury management, but less sprinting coupled with making sure I come out of a pack w/~full fury took care of that.

Speaking of revenge, the LS & fury is nice addition to the damage but, it didn't proc enough for my tastes. I'm probably going to try out the 30% proc rune and just try to keep getting better w/ my fury management.

What I did have issues with was all the knockbacks and fear procs. Having them BOTH going off randomly really put a damper on my crowd control. Mostly w/ the elites; the white mobs usually just go down collaterally. Do you guys know of a weapon other than EF that gives an APS bonus? Or do I just want to get a higher innate dps on my OH? I'm gonna go back to clobber until I can figure something out there.

You guys have been a TON of help so far!
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02/20/2013 02:36 PMPosted by RevAngst
I had to put a bit more effort into fury management, but less sprinting coupled with making sure I come out of a pack w/~full fury took care of that.

I don't know if you need Revel and Blood lust with your current EHP and mp you are playing in. Consider switching to Over Power: Killing Spree to help better proc your fury gen.

Do you guys know of a weapon other than EF that gives an APS bonus? Or do I just want to get a higher innate dps on my OH?

Unless you are a wizard or a dh, there are no other barb weapons that will give an APS increase.

I'm unsure what you are asking here with your second question. I did see in your earlier posts that you were frustrated with knockback and fear. I would suggest you move to a cold SoJ, but your current crit chance on gear won't support it. If you can buff you crit chance up to 28-32% on gear MINUS one ring (for SoJ), then an SoJ will greatly improve your "quality of life" as it relates to the fear proc from the EF. It will also give you the best tDPS buff that any single piece of gear can give you.
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Sounds like a good plan for some fury.

By "cold" SoJ I assume you mean the +% to Cold Damage affix. I have one w/Holy (which is what my axe has). I wouldn't imagine the cold would help w/o a "cold" weapon.

I'm gonna' go ahead and use the SoJ but, i wonder :
- how DOES it alleviate the fear proc? More damage=fewer hits(chances to proc)?
- you say get get CC "on gear" up to ~30%, would I be wrong to take that as ~40% total?
i had 48.5%; replaced current rings w/ SoJ and Oculus and I guess I sit pretty on 40%

As far as the other question, earlier SabX gave me some links and suggested;

02/19/2013 02:58 PMPosted by SabenarianX
get better MH...replace your OH to Dagger or sword..

Now, I perused (but, admittedly didn't totally comprehend) the posts and took it all to mean I needed more APS. I was just wondering if there were any other weapons that could come w/ +APS affix (which you answered) or if I would have to eventually trade out the EF for the aforementioned sword/dagger which are naturally quicker.
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Using an EF will help compensate for any lack of IAS on gear. Without using a cold soj myself, I prefer not to use one since it takes time to catch up to 'nightmared' enemies. But it's mostly preference, and what you're able to do with gear as far as effectiveness goes

Also, when searching for an OH, keep in mind that the DPS isn't as a big a factor. Especially at lower MP's. A larger portion of your damge is calculated strictly from your MH.

About 1.5 weeks ago I was running in the low-mid 40% with CC. I also had felt stuck with my dps, so I regeared a bit. I run a much higher CC and APS now and it feels completely different playing. The extra CC i picked up helps keep my fury near full most of the time. You should definately consider getting more.

In my personal opinion, you should re-focus. Get more IAS on gear, also getting CC wherever you can. Swap out your MH for a much lower dps weapon with cd and a socket (I got an 850dps axe with str, vit, cc, os for 400k). I'd also probably swap the EF for a 500-700 dps dagger with str/vit/cd/os/ls. If you're unable to afford cd and os, look for one or the other.
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