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Currently any one can join a public game on the last quest in act1 inferno mp0 to instantly get matched in a group for pvp. This is great because it takes no time to search for opponentes and as soon as some one leaves the group a new player is placed in the game so there is always some one to brawl with in the chapel.

However right now its chance get matched with either very geared/skilled opponents or very under geared players creating very uneven brawls in most cases.

What Im suggesting is that highly geared and skill players use the same quest but join in a game on mp10. and very new players use mp0. this would create a much higher chance that all players can find an even match for brawling. Over time once more players become aware of this we could have 10 lvls of this skill/gear ranking for each lvl of mp between 0 and 10. So you join at a certain mp you either move up in mp if you are winning too much or down in mp if you are loosing to much for your liking.

If you think this is a good idea please tell all your friends of this new system and request this thread as a sticky on the forum.
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See blizzard releases lack lust match making, we figure out ways around it. Good idea sir, hopefully you find more skilled/geared players.
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