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HC should instantly leave game during dc

well my wiz died today because my internet got dc'd while im walking, damn! i just went out of town in act 3 "not using a waypoint just the map before the bridge quest" and was wondering why is there no monster, the suddenly connection lost, then i say ok restart my router then when i started the game again damn my wiz just died!! damn, should it be like when the server looses signal of your connection it will instantly leave game? yeah sure people will abuse it etc. but it will still be hard to unplug your connection when you die so abuser will still die even if they pull the plug. well anyway i know this was coming so no hard feelings, just saying it will be cool if you instantly leave game when the server looses your signal.
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Yeah, they want to prevent abuse....Still maybe there could be a sort of counter, like you can only leave once a mouth due to DC, or something like that...
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if blizz dont fix this and give some decent dc prot i m still on uninstall mode and i m stayin there
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Sometimes the server takes 20-30 seconds to recognize that you are dc. and + 10 sec wait from Blizz server after they know you are dc so total around 30-40 sec, 'to prevent abuse" that's what I heard.
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02/15/2013 11:54 PMPosted by AlCortez
yeah sure people will abuse it etc. but it will still be hard to unplug your connection when you die so abuser will still die even if they pull the plug

Not so much. Most deaths in D3 are slow, unlike the D2 quick spiky death, which was necessary because of instant-leave.

And even though there are those (very rare) quick spiky deaths that everyone should know how to avoid, you still have WDs, Monks, and Wizards with a life-saving passive. All you need is an easy to program chicken-mod that triggers on activation of a life saving passive (or in barb/DH case, a low HP threshold), and this will turn back into SC, with the SC economy and the SC lack of tension. And anyone who tries to play honestly will be completely dwarfed by the tens of thousands of players using chicken mods.
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I've posted a non-abusable system to prevent DC deaths before. The game simply pauses for 5 minutes and you have that window to reconnect to the game into the same position you were in before. In a multiplayer game the players can wait the 5 minutes or vote to unpause the game. It saves many lives and leaves little room for exploits. Blizzard just has to prevent players from selling all their items on the AH while the game is paused.
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they can prevent abuse without making it 30 seconds. 30 is too much. it takes.... 10? seconds to leave game? then 10 seconds should be the limit. no abuse, and not screwing a person who gets D/C from internet.
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30 seconds is too much I agree. 5 seconds should be the absolute max. They could also pause the game when you DC.
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go play softcore.
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