Just for the heck of it, I've decided to start a new HC character on the EU servers and do a "self found" run. I figured it'd be the purest way to do so, since I can't cheat and use gold/gems from my main account.

Starting with 20 gold, nothing in your stash except 2 potions, and no levels on your blacksmith is quite a shocker for a "middle class" HC player like myself.

I'm wondering if anyone else out there has tried the same thing (I'm sure some of you had), and what you experience has been. My goal is to beat inferno diablo with my Barb - and to do so on my first barb. I have a lot of experience running a Barb, and understand the limits of the class and the warning signs of being undergeared.

I'm not very far yet - but have a few thoughts I'd like to share:

Haedrig is the man
So far, I'm levelling Haedrig at the same rate that new craftables become available. That 1000 gold to upgrade him his quite painful to spend, but ultimately worth it. Thanks to 1.07, picking up gold is much easier - I spend every penny of it on crafting.

Things can get scary, quick
At this point, I'm only level 14, but I've already found myself farming previous areas to get better gear. Yes, I'm running mp0, but buying gear from vendor is too expensive. I'm not bad either - I've run 4 barbs through HC Act 1 normal, 3 of them at mp5. But being able to select from the best gear on the market for that level changes this part of the game.

It's fun
So far, so good. I'm not entirely bored with running my main account, yet. But I need something to mix it up. Instead of farming endless and being depressed about each item I identify, I actually care about the drops I find. Whether this remains true, who knows?

My rules:
1) No selling or buying from AH
2) No group runs - it's too easy to leech off other people and get a free ride.

My EU profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/aMorras-1512/