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Gear idea: CC StormCrow and non-CC Lacunis

Was building an CM/SNS set over the weekend geared around an OS Chant Will (300M budget - personally, I suggested an IAS Chant Will but he wanted OS).....trying to figure out were to spend and skimp on certain pieces of gear. Because of the OS Will, Lacunis were a must....but so expensive, even with 3.5 CC and 50 All Res...and you don't get any INT or VIT or Armor.

My plan ended up being: move the CC to StormCrow, max out stats on non-CC Lacunis

Personally I like All Res on the StormCrow (so, so very cheap for 70+ All res) but I met my All Res goals elsewhere. I don't think anyone (myself included) uses Non-CC Lacunis, but I think it really works...unless I'm missing something. I was planning on 47.5 or 48 CC and won a 15M auction for a 5 CC, 10 APOC StormCrow (only ~350 LoH, but with the RD nerf....prolly not necessary. And imagine the cost of 5CC Lacunis!!). I was able to buy non-CC Lacunis (~80 VIT, ~80 INT, ~70 All res, 9 IAS) for only 2M on a bid. A little more gold/time/patience I could have found something better (similar ones with 500 armor were ~10M)....but also offers an extremely easy place for the client to upgrade (and I had already hit my armor goal). Long term upgrade goal would be CC Lacunis to push CC up over 50.

TL;DR: finding value in non-CC Lacunis is something to think about!

Open to props, flames, and anything in between.
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I think non CC Lacunis can play a big role in a started CM set for sure--particularly since people converting are likely to have a pair of them to begin with. I prefer the AR/Armor variants to help boost EHP and allow a couple of other slots to stack stat (e.g., stack heavy Blackthorns pants).
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Inna's pants > Lacuni's for budget, imo.

Get LoH on amulet, craft some above par bracers, Inna's pants for the 24% mspeed.
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Just go IAS wand. There is no significant benefit in using OS.

With crafted bracers the only reason you want lacunis is to use GG ice climbers without speed. Then again Innas is probably better for MS
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Hi again PieHole! Thanks for your other gear suggestions to me on the SNS thread.

I've been actually using non-CC lacuni's because my entire gearset is still under 50mil. My personal goal was to not spend more than 10mil on any one item, and I got away with not spending more than 8mil on any one item. You can't view my profile because bnet is being weird, but I have 2.75 aps, 20 APOC, 48 CC unbuffed, 617 allres, 4.5k armor and 38.5k hp.

98k dps unbuffed, and I'm trying to think of creative ways to get that up. I will probably buy a storm crow with 4.5 cc to bump over 100k, as mine is only 3.5 cc right now. :P
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Ah, being creative is the hallmark of a CM Wiz. That, or a credit card! There's lots of different way to get to 2.73 AS and 47.5 CC....and hit armor and All res requirements. This is just one that I've been thinking about for awhile....and mentioned I think in my CM/SNS guide thread awhile ago. Finally put it into action!

Nice build for only 50M....great job!
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Your friend handcuffed you Piehole!

OS wand definately shouldn't be used on that budget.

BT > Inna almost always in these budget builds, BT just knocks off the expensive stats ie. LOH from jewellery.

EDIT: Nice idea with the max SC + max stat lacuni. Save some money, but in the end won't offset the extra CC gained from 2 items I'm afradi. Cost would be negliable too, since a 4cc SC + 4cc lacuni (armor no AR), will be cheaper then a 6cc SC. lol
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Hey guys I just started a CMWW wiz and I'd like to ask a question. Will more APS help freezing them permanently, or is just the 27.4 BP enough? Because I reached the 2.74 BP with an os Chantodo's (0.25 aps) but I find myself freezing elites on mp10 and they still have this stutter mvement after each freeze if my FN cooldown doesn't drop immediately. Is there any way to counter that, or am I just not experienced enough to freeze them properly?

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Lacunis probably takes one of the biggest price jumps just for having that 6CC than any other equip does.

One of these days I'll spend the money for a nice 6cc/AR/armor lacunis...
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@Boozer....yeah I wasn't exactly happy with it, but I noted up front that some mitigation stats would suffer. He had a 90CD Ammy from a Skorn I think he wanted to use. I didn't leave him high and dry though. I think he started off with 250M budget but he bumped it up to 300M. Spent 100M on an 1100 DPS, 1.64 Will. Still had to find 9's on most slots to have some play with the IAS for the ammy/ring/Force in the end to hit 2.73. I got pretty lucky (or maybe I'm just that good, lol!)

Ended up with something like:
2.73 AS
47.5 CC
4650 Armor
625ish All Res...with 50+ Fire and 50+ poison. Prolly the best 2 elemental affixes to have
???k DPS

(still looking for a VIT/STR Chant Force and after that, will blow the rest on a trifecta ammy, then I'll have the DPS. Spending about 10M on similar lacunis with armor will bring armor up to almost 5k. Gives him an easy upgrade to work towards. Adding more all res will be more difficult.)
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stutter freeze = perma freeze

At least that is what your expectation should be, for the most part, ESPECIALLY when you get to single elites. There will always be a little stutter which is enough to get an attack off (molten, desicrator, plagued, arcane) which is why you need the mitigation (armor, all res) that we suggest....so you can just keep spamming and suffer through it all.

There is 2 things you can do to counter. One is to raise your CC well above 50, 55 maybe. You'll get more crits which will proc more CM which will reduce cooldowns. That's just theory...since I've never had a CC that high, maybe Boozor could comment. The other is to use FN/Cold Snap...it'll make the freeze feel something similar to the next highest breakpoint. You'll lose the party buff (+15% damage) with Bone Chill however. I might find myself doing this mostly with Ubers - losing the damage buff will hurt your group....but keeping them frozen will really help (esp SK/Mag and Kule/Siege). Its a tradeoff you need to experiment with.

Oh, yes, being at the 3.01 breakpoint will obviously help the freeze, but isn't an option for you (unless you're running APOC Force and Mempo). And then running 3.01 with FN/Cold Snap would be an absolute dream. Being worthwhile is debatable...since you'll lose alot of DPS doing that route (in gear especially, but also dropping Bone Chill).
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Question for you guys. My budget has been pretty well reached but I am unhappy with my DPS. I have 47 mill left to play with. Should I go back to a stormcrow and pass on the Mempo or should I look for a OS Chants in my price range. Also I crafted a tri-fect ammy with
92%CD I think
but it has no LOH. SC would bring back some LOH but loose some EHP. I have room to play with in the ASP department and am looking for the best spot to maximize DPS while still being effective. Thoughts are welcome. Also my ultimate goal is a Nats ring and boots for the 7%CC but right now a cc, IAS nats is over my budget.
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I guess I'm a little confused. One amazing thing about using a 1.78/1.79 Will (which I use...but is in the AH...upgrading) while using APOC Force/Mempo is that it allows you to hit 3.01 and still have a "free" IAS slot. However, you've managed to add IAS on top of that! In other words, you can lose an IAS item (litany or wailing) and still hit 3.01!!! This would allow you to do Nats boots (~10M for extra dex ones) and ring (~20-30M for All res, INT, and something else (i.e. Max damage on mine) ...and I think you're in need of more all res anyway). That would get you the Nats set and the 7%CC bonus (a 2.5CC net for you).

alternatively, for DPS, you could easily get a high DPS IAS wand....1.70 AS minimum....and still hit the 3.0 breakpoint. That would give you a HUGE DPS boost going up from a 1017 DPS wand.

If you go back to stormcrow that gives you too many problems. You'd ahve 30 APOC...so why not drop the APOC Force and get one with no APOC with alot higher DPS. You'd also have too much LoH, so you'd need to replace your ammy to get more out of it. Opens yourself up for too many changes.
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02/18/2013 01:26 PMPosted by PieHole
One amazing thing about using a 1.78/1.79 Will (which I use...but is in the AH...upgrading) while using APOC Force/Mempo is that it allows you to hit 3.01 and still have a "free" IAS slot.

1.78 1.79 isnt used for 3.01

any 1.75 and above will do for 72% requirements
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The psychological switch for most classes to cm wiz is difficult because its hard to come to terms with a weapon without open socket. Ias wands are just as good as os wands. It frees up spaces for cd elsewhere that would have needed ias with a open socket wand.
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still using a non cc lacunis cause i am poor :(. Currently at 52% cc unbuffed and 155k dps with 650 AR and 4300 amour. Wonder if i should make a switch to an ias wand now, it will free an IAS slot for maybe a rare brace with 6%cc and AR, but i would probably loose DPS and the 12% MS. Dont think i will be able to replace my BT pants with innas. :\
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Alright man thanks for the info! Really helped a lot.


Yea I was thinking of switching to a rare bracer w/ 6cc, armor and AR as well since I have an ias stick, but in the end I'll probably have to go for the Nat's set cos of the 12% MS. Now I'm just stuck with my curent gear and it's not to say that versatile at all. If I move to Nat's set, I won't know where to get my EHP from cos of the stupid climbers I have, and also suffer a massive dps loss. Anyone have any suggestions for me?
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02/18/2013 09:55 PMPosted by alanoide
Anyone have any suggestions for me?

1.77wand 54%IAS and Chantress but your gear is not suitable for IAS as you want all 9s

You might as well go to an OS setup with 65-67% IAS or so.
You need a 1.65 to retain your current gear thou.

1.77*1.70 for 3.01 is the other way to go


You could upgrade to a Storm crow and get a better force , losing 9% still keeps you above 2.73.
Your Loh is lacking anyway
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1.78 1.79 isnt used for 3.01

any 1.75 and above will do for 72% requirements

It can be--it lets you turn one of your 9s into a 5 (or maybe a 6, I forget). That could mean a much better/cheaper set of gloves, a nice lower IAS trifecta ammy, etc.
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Ossian....I think its a six or seven, depending.

Like you said, 1.78/1.79 its a good option to get to 3.01 (and is what i use).

Its kinda the least that you can do for yourself...That leaves me with a 6 IAS trifecta ammy, and, since you kinda gimp yourself along the way getting there, its nice to "only" need a 6 IAS trifecta to complete the build....and get as high as CD as you can.

And besides, 1.78/1.79 let you get to 2.73 with only 5 IAS pieces in addition to the chant's set.
Yeah, i know, those wands are expensive. but the allow for alot of flexibility. And keeps me busy.
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