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Really basic damage question

What exactly is "weapon damage" when referenced by skills like FoT and Sweeping wind?

Imagine this basic setup.

100 damage per swing (assume 2 hander for simplicity so no 'active' weapon)
1.2 attacks per second
10% CC
50% CHD

What does FoT's 110% weapon damage actually act on?

100 by itself
100*1.2 = 120 with attack speed factored in
100 + .1*100*1.5 = 115 with CC/CHD factored in

What about sweeping wind's 20% (60%)? Still use just the 100 or does that take into account weapon speed as well? Because sweeping wind cannot crit, does SW use the 115 amount?

Also, if you know of any good summary of these interactions across multiple skills (for example hydra ignoring crit and mystic ally CHD capped at 50% I'd love to know where. Thanks.
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None of the above?

Generally it's a single weapon hit, so Attack Speed is taken out of the equation, and I would be left to assume that other things are dependent on the skill itself (like Crit info being ignored if the skill can't crit for instance), but your math is wrong anyway.

Assuming the skill in question can crit, and using only the information you provided, it would be:

Basic Attack Damage (single attack, not DPS)+ (CHC(Basic Attack Damage(1+CHD%))

In your case, it would look like this:





115 average damage per hit

Attack speed will let certain skills hit more often, not harder per hit.
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If the spell can crit, doesn't that mean crit is being counted twice? Once in the base calculation and once again when the crit actually procs?
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No, it's not part of the base damage. The base damage in your example was 100 per hit, period. That's the base weapon damage, not the DPS listed number on your character sheet.
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