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Hey guys was wondering how does this build work?
Been running bash / WW/sprint as always and wanting to try Hota but unsure how to play and if my gear is good enough.

Any advice on gearing and how is this different?

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Leon-1944/hero/3064106 is my profile.

BTW should i go for a better ammy? this is my 100+th craft already
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90 Pandaren Monk
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Your gear is fine for HotA. When you use HotA you don't use WW though, you use rend with bloodlust. I usually swap out WotB for sprint - marathon and use overpower killing spree to make elite hunting faster.
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Straight HotA is pretty easy to play, specially with a fury generator.
You've been running hybrid DT HotA and the only difference is that you drop WW and add Rend because you'll be constantly in close combat.

Maybe a little more critical hit chance would be in order, HotA is all about crits. Your attack speed is already high enough to perma WotB once you learn how to manage alternating strikes between Bash and HotA.

To try, I'd suggest this:

Thunderstrike over Smash because it has a bigger area of effect and lets you chain stun mobs.
High attack speed along with Punish will let you fuel your fury fast and grant additional damage.
Marathon is for the efficiency. I can't play without running these days.
Bloodlust is your healing tool. A -Rend IK belt is cheap and will help with your fury.
Bloodthirst is there because you seem to need LS. If you don't, feel free to get a different passive, such as Animosity (+20 fury = +4% HotA crit chance).
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90 Pandaren Monk
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just tried the build you recommended, I feel like my crit isnt hitting enough and as expected fury generation + keeping WoTb up is tough.
DT/WW just seems to kill mobs way faster and loses out to single target just a little.
Maybe my gear is high-end enough for this build?
tried giving up sprint for OP too.
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Try a 2 Hand skorn 1.5M + crt hit is wonderful!
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It's a lot more crit chance focused than DT and I don't think there'll ever be a build more efficient for farming than the Double Tornado. Pure HotA is for players that want a different gameplay and don't mind sacrificing some efficiency for some fun.
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