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Ok, so I logged into my game and I find that my authenticator stops working, and I check multiple times to see if I've made any mistakes. Scared, I change my password immediately hoping I didnt get hacked...and then I login to battle.net only to figure out my security questions have been changed as well. Now I really start to freak out, and I find my Diablo disc in order to put in the cd key to recover my account. Finally, I remove the mobile authenticator, and add the physical authenticator in place of that. I demand to know what happened? Also I hate using this physical authenticator which is why i switched to mobile but I guess I have to use it for now.

How did my security question change to something completely out of this world?

P.S. Mobile authenticator still not working.
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A few months ago, Battle.net got broken into, and a bunch of mobile authenticator serial numbers were stolen. If you didn't follow (or see) the instructions to change your serial number, someone could have cloned your authenticator and (if they discovered your password as well) gained access to your account.

Edit: If you did change your serial number at that time, just disregard this.

Edit again: Having the "next post" timeout apply to edits is annoying.
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I demand to know what happened

You've come to the right place then, buddy. Enjoy your ride.
something weird happened to me today too... The MP selection on public games disappeared and U$0,79 disappeared to my bnet account. I'm using a physical authenticator for more than 6 months and never got hacked... but its too weird, because i didnt changed anything on options and its impossible to use less than U$1,00 to buy something or transfer to another account rigth???
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Might find a better response in the Tech support forum. Won't get much help in a general discussion forum.
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Edit again: Having the "next post" timeout apply to edits is annoying.

+1.. Pretty stupid feature when you see you made a mistake and quickly want to updte it you cannot.
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If you believe your account may have been compromised, I encourage you to take the steps listed in this support article, and then submit a ticket.
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