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Some D3 mechanics you want improved/fixed...

I'd like whirlwind to always have 100% move speed, so the other runes actually become useful. Other than that I really like the skills of Barbarian :D
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02/20/2013 12:19 AMPosted by Insaniteus
which gives you a whopping 12 hatred per pop.

No, 12 per second. But of course now it is active for one second. They nerf the duration because it was to powerfull. But they didn't take care of the runes.

The same goes for explosive palm. They buff the more powerful versions and not burn essence. Burn essence is pure DPS on weaker mobs. Now it does not compete in DPS with any other runes even on weak mob. Except if you have insame DPS on lower MP.
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02/22/2013 12:29 AMPosted by leaf

Try the extended range of 20 yards version with "Thrill of the Hunt" rune... OP as !@#$! :D

02/21/2013 11:53 PMPosted by Doomherald
I'd like whirlwind to always have 100% move speed, so the other runes actually become useful. Other than that I really like the skills of Barbarian :D

I agree totally...

Another change I'd like to see is a set passive or affix that says 15 Fury on crit... or 7.5 and have it on 2 pieces... that way, we can get rid of Into the Fray and focus on other shouts.
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Electrocute could use a small buff to its base damage.

Arcane Orb needs an AP cost reduction, or its area increased to 15 yards base, with the rune making it 25 yards.

The Gathering Storm rune for Cleave seems pretty pointless and the name doesn't really fit the effect. Reducing enemies' move speed when you have to stay in melee range to kill them? Lowering their attack speed and calling it something like "Wounding Strike" would make more sense.

So you like chasing imps, and succubi as melee?

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Meteor - Liquefy
Increase also the blast damage, or make enemies that leave the blast still take the dmg.
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For Wizard:

I wish the Wizard had a healing spell. It seems kinda silly that a character that's supposed to have all these mystical powers and whatnot can't even heal himself. Galvanizing Ward just doesn't cut the cheese, and the lifesteal on Magic Weapon is a joke.

You do realize that 1.5 lifesteal is an insane amount, right? in inferno, weapon lifesteal receives an 80% nerf, so a weapon with 3 lifesteal actually only has .6; For a weapon to have 1.5 lifesteal, the sheet lifesteal actually displayed would be 7.5, which is a lot.
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02/22/2013 01:23 PMPosted by DeadRu
Hey stop bringing logic into this thread. That is the problem these people that don't have a clue how the game works come up with unrealistic ideas an whine when blizzard don't pay attention to them.

This is a typical response from someone who thinks they have the world figured out... I can tell you that cleave will never be used in a high dps build... ever. Learn to play before pretending you have the whole system figured out...
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You do realize that 1.5 lifesteal is an insane amount, right? in inferno, weapon lifesteal receives an 80% nerf, so a weapon with 3 lifesteal actually only has .6; For a weapon to have 1.5 lifesteal, the sheet lifesteal actually displayed would be 7.5, which is a lot.

Except the 1.5 is actually (1.5x.20)
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pretty much you can go to diablo.somepage.com and check the popular runes per class and choose the bottom half of runes.

for example: for wizards, the bottom few are

67 Mammoth Hydra Hydra 1.04
68 Shatter Frost Nova 1.02
69 Cold Blood Ray of Frost 1.00
70 Mirror Skin Diamond Skin 0.90
71 Conduit Magic Weapon 0.82
72 Split Magic Missile 0.82
73 Arcanot Familiar 0.80
74 Time Shell Slow Time 0.75
75 Penetrating Blast Magic Missile 0.74
76 Electrify Magic Weapon 0.73
77 Disruption Arcane Torrent 0.73
78 Impactful Wave Wave of Force 0.73
79 Black Ice Ray of Frost 0.70
80 Cascade Arcane Torrent 0.65
81 Liquefy Meteor 0.65
82 Attunement Magic Missile 0.64
83 Arcane Nova Arcane Orb 0.64
84 Gale Force Energy Twister 0.62
85 Arc Lightning Electrocute 0.60
86 Fire Bolts Shock Pulse 0.55
87 Slow Time Archon 0.55
88 Sleet Storm Ray of Frost 0.55
89 Ice Reflect Ice Armor 0.55
90 Mirror Mimics Mirror Image 0.54
91 Siphoning Blade Spectral Blade 0.53
92 Forceful Wave Wave of Force 0.52
93 Exploding Wave Wave of Force 0.50
94 Vigoron Familiar 0.46
95 Frozen Storm Ice Armor 0.44
96 Force Affinity Wave of Force 0.44
97 Mocking Demise Mirror Image 0.43
98 Venom Magic Weapon 0.43
99 Grasping Chill Blizzard 0.42
100 Chilling Aura Ice Armor 0.40
101 Cannoneer Familiar 0.35
102 Jagged Ice Ice Armor 0.34
103 Unleashed Explosive Blast 0.34
104 Perpetuity Slow Time 0.34
105 Snow Blast Ray of Frost 0.32
106 Ancient Guardian Familiar 0.30
107 Obliterate Explosive Blast 0.25
108 Lightning Affinity Shock Pulse 0.25
109 Raging Storm Energy Twister 0.25
110 Extension of Will Mirror Image 0.24
111 Explosive Bolts Shock Pulse 0.24
112 Reversal Teleport 0.23
113 Numb Ray of Frost 0.23
114 Death Blossom Arcane Torrent 0.20
115 Arcane Orbit Arcane Orb 0.15
116 Arcane Mines Arcane Torrent 0.15
117 Power Stone Arcane Torrent 0.15
118 Miasma Slow Time 0.15
119 Entropy Disintegrate 0.15
120 Frozen Mist Frost Nova 0.13
121 Simulacrum Mirror Image 0.13
122 Impactful Blades Spectral Blade 0.12
123 Teleporting Wave Wave of Force 0.12
124 Time Bomb Explosive Blast 0.12
125 Absorption Energy Armor 0.10
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Mandatory skills have got to change... Into the Fray needs to be on items as a stat... also, Berzerker needs to generate 1 second of extra time innately similar to the way archon does, thus freeing us all up to use something other than Thrive on Chaos... High dps builds are locked to this choice and while it's a great tool, it makes all other runes in this shout pointless.

My fix for this would be quite simple... allow those who use Berzerker- Thrive on Chaos fury on crit and 25% more fury generated from attacks and from taking damage... so, leveling players (lowbees) and those with lower crit chance can still hold out Berzerker for 20-30 seconds just like the "high crit guys do"... also, that allows those who want to drop Shout - Into the Fray, a chance to put something else in that slot, or to use Marauder, Revenge, Rend etc...
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Any new thoughts today?
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I've never seen a blue post in my threads and it is a bit disheartening, especially because so many valid points are brought to the table. I know these simple changes need to happen... so, is there any way they will... I'm a huge fan of build diversity, is there any confirmation that any of this will change, or if it has not been brought to discussion, will it be now that it is on the table?
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every mantra rune except "hard target" and "overawe".

but in all reality the proc rate on the skill is more important than the rune's "effect".

until blizzard fixes THAT issue there will be no rune variability
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Thrive on Chaos has got to be an INNATE ability of Berzerker.... using anything but sucks...

On top of this, the passive "Boon of Bul-Kathos" should read... (.5 sec cooldown reduction each time to crit)
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Possible changes to (Berzerker- Insanity)

With the new mechanic, Insanity's damage is reduced to 25% from 100% (similar to Archon)

Also, a new replacement for Thrive on Chaos could be either

BLOODLUST - While Berzerked, you are healed for an additional 3% of the damage you deal

CHOKE UP - While Berzerked, your attack speed is increased by an additional 20% (40% Increase overall) This runes would promote speed, healing, and fury generation, while, it may be too fast, it needs to come in 2nd in total damage value to a berzerker and INSANITY should come in 1st. But, with the added speed you get a bonus, but lose some dps.

Thoughts? Blues?
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There are too many to get into honestly.
About 90% of them could be buffed/nerfed or reworked in my mind.

I will say that Hydra as a skill is one of the few that is designed exceptionally well.
Each hydra is useful for different situations and the balance between them shows.
Despite being one of the best designed skills in the game, you still run into certain Hydra runes which have no serious use when compared to the power of arcane and venom.
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The DH Evasive Fire skill 1st rune (Now "hardened") I hope they give the small AOE effect back it has before they change the rune.
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