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Error 31048 - error 0

02/20/2013 08:55 PMPosted by Omrakos
It's been reported already. Our QA Team is looking into it and have posted a possible workaround.

the clearing out all backstocked auctions workaround is NOT an option for me. you see, you gave us too little storage space in-game... i do not have room anywhere in stash or inventories to put all these things, thats WHY they are backlogged in the AH in the first place...

i wish at least one of the stash tabs was unique to each character, that would make storage so much easier.
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Error 31048

I bought out a few dyes but I can't find them in among the completed items.
I am not allowed to do anything on the AH now.
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well, i just wasted at leats 1b worth of gear sharding/brimming just to make enough room to clear the completed tab.

and for nothing, still getting the error.
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Stop being a team of morons and raise the auction house completed items to 100. This WILL NOT affect the auctions that are currently going on. Why restrict our space to just 50 items with 1,000,000,000 different items?.. Did you not create World of Warcraft with a VAST AUCTION HOUSE? Make it 1/1000th the size and it can still be free. Why not? Let someone put up tons of weak and undesired items just to waste their own time... we can search out what we want anyways, so "restricting people from posting too many junk items in the AH" is also an obsolete agenda to uphold. I"m sure you have enough profit from the name alone to increase the Auction house size. Might be worth doing if you ever want success like Diablo 2 out of this steaming pile.
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Same problem, just emptied my completed items and all active lists, even tried restarting. NOTHING.
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I did steps 1 through 5... on ther sticky opn the eu forums.... cleared out my completed tab exited the client and changed my password before trying again....and am still experiencing the error 31048.... can't purchase or sell anything on the auction house.... but only on the hardcore auction house. :( QQ Fix this please
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I have the same problem again, i had this before once, got is resolved but now it is just back :( Blizzars should fix this once and for all!
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