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Maniacal Golgor, WTF

Maniacal Golgor is the fat monster with 2 maces that knock you back and stuff. I think they are ridiculously overpowered. I run through mp7 smoothly and they are the only thing i have trouble with. They almost 2 hit me. Even worse is when theres a champion with horde of them... I get 2 shot.. Even worse is when the first hit is a knockback and the second hit kills me. Or i survive 2 hits but i keep getting knocked back endlessly...
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Yes they hit hard... I like that =D
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and then they drop a piece of turd when i kill them..
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Call me crazy, but I've never actually seen this guy until this patch; up until now, I've only seen the Colossal Golgor and Bloated Otherguy (can't remember the name).

Anyway, yeah they're pretty tough.
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Had to check the date on this topic as they've already been nerfed about 3 times...

I was very surprised to find that it is not a necro'd thread...
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Of course they hit hard but they're slow so I don't see a problem. I wish they hit harder :(
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Learn their patterns, dodge their very slow attack.

Or use different skills.

Or get more mitigation.

Or run a lower MP.

Or run in a group.
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I think they changed something on these. The achievement for rare/champ now reads maniacal, and I didn't have that check mark after the patch, even though ive farmed a3 plenty of times that I would have picked it up. I believe it used to read colossal, and the ones on stonefort worked. Now it reads maniacal and they are the ones in the core. I only know because I went achievement hunting after they fixed a few of the bugged achievements.

BTW if mods/devs read this, thank you for fixing that. It means nothing and is useless, but it was still annoying trying to get them due to boredom and realizing that a bunch of achieves were broken and couldn't be completed.
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Yeah, can't have anything remotely challenging ccan we??

Godamn crybabies.
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They are not OP, if you're a wiz, use Ray of Frost, or Blizzard to slow them down.
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02/18/2013 01:47 PMPosted by Garthandal
Maybe you should not be in MP7 with less than 40k life.

o yeah because i have 39.7k hp
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