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Monk Set Give Away!!! (Over!! Winner Claimed)

I'm bored and I thought I should do something nice for the new Monks out there who really enjoy the Class. All the other Monks who participate in give aways also inspired me. I like to thank everyone who gives a little bit no matter what the reason is. Its also nice to make people happy. :3 Monk Community is awesome!! ^_^

There Is only going to be Two Rules.

1) You have to post in this thread
2) I have to be able to see your Profile

I will pick based on your profile and what you say in your post. I would like to give the set to someone who is really enjoying the class. Not to someone who will quit Monk the Next day. You can type whatever you want, or nothing at all. =p

This set has a lot of random stuff in it. Its random stuff I found in the AH and random stuff I had laying around I wasn't using anymore. You won't be able to see the set till my Profile updates. I'm going to type out all the stats either way. I'm going to post the stats as if I was Paragon Level Zero.

70k DPS (Un Buff)
41k HP
678 All Resistance (With One With Everything Passive)
4690 Armor (With Seize The Initiative Passive)
1.86 Attacks Per Second
43.50% Critical Hit Chance
288.00% Critical Hit Damage
39% Dodge Chance (Un Buff)
61% Damage Reduction

20% Movement Speed
2.90% Life Steal
519 Life Per Second
5500 Bonus Health Globe
6 Pick Up Radius

I will pick the Winner Friday Night. I will add you (The Winner) to my Friends List.
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I would like it!
I'm new to D3, probably gonna hit 60 either tonight or tomorrow.. used to be a world class arena shaman in WoW until I got to college and couldn't afford to waste that kind of time anymore :p
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Hey I am just coming back to D3 anld my monk has NOO GEAR?!?!? I would love it!
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i don't mind having the gear.
Thanks. :)
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I would LOVE to have that kind of gear, that's very generous of you. I have a decent weapon that was a hand-me-down from a friend along with a mish-mash of other gear that is passable, but still needs lots of improvement. Thanks!

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from wiz build, turned to monk cuz its kinda boring playing with wiz.
ended up with monk, hahaha monk got action pack skills but im having hard time with item build.

i would love to have them!
im just starting with my monk, and really its agonizing to play without good gears.
im only having 30k-40k max buffed damage. hahaha :(
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It's awesome that you're giving back to the community, not enough people around that are happy to do so!

I stopped playing a couple of months after release as I went overseas for 6 months and obviously couldn't take my desktop with me. Laptop couldn't run it so i was stuck in the !@#$ter. Started playing again a week or so ago and i'm loving my monk again. Recent changes have really made it much more fun.

My profile is here - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/jds-6254/hero/14304420

I'd be very appreciative of any help (in the form of gear) you may offer.
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I would like to win this set for my friend. I farm with him quite frequently but he can't handle higher mps with his current setup. I can handle higher mps, but he can't. So if I could win this set for him so he can farm higher mps with me, I would really appreciate it. The link to his profile is below.

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I'm currently working on leveling my Monk up to 60 to finish up with all 5 classes. Unfortunately, I'm out of money and have a low-end fire resist based set of Inna's, with no other items yet. If you could set me up with anything, or even just give some friendly advice on things to look for in items once I can farm up more gold, it would be highly appreciated.

Thanks, enjoy.
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Sounds great! If you choose me and its not trouble for you, you could give some other gear to others just cause I have a decent build (tons of room for improvement). Anyway thanks
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Your gears will really help me alot to improve my monk. Monk is the very 1st class that I played and I really like it. I would like to upgrade my monk in order to be able to do MP3 and above. If I win your set, I would be forever grateful and will never brag about the gears that you're going to give me. I'm also helping anyone who needs help in global chat, but sometimes I can't since I don't have the gears thats good enough to kill the monsters.

In short:
Help me to help others

My profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Cheatermouse-1379/hero/2997584
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Pray i'm the lucky winner ^^
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Pray I am the lucky winner
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I just dinged level 60 with my new monk. Would be happy to save myself all the trouble to gear my monk properly for MP5 difficulty. It is ok if I don't win it, but I would really appreciate the gear set. May the player that deserves the armor set the most, win. Thank you for being a giving player, for your time, and your willingness and ability to give away such a gear set. :)
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win or lose I love the monk!

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Just saw the thread and thought I'd come see what was going on. Real nice thing of you to do. I'd love any help possible, and since your stats are way better than mine I figured I'd give it a shot. Hope you pick me and here is my profile like.

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"mn-tsst, mn-tsst!!"

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MOOOOONK gear is always welcome :D
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very poor monk first time build need advice items everything lol
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