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Rate/Critique the barb above you. (RTFM!!)

Continued from last thread..........

The idea is to rate and or critique the barb above you.

You don't have to be an expert or pro to rate anyone, if someone posts here they are looking for some feedback on their gear.

Don't skip people

I encourage everyone to just ignore people posting and asking for ratings if they haven't contributed anything themselves. All that does is add to the problem of people getting skipped and then posting saying they were skipped and in turn skipping the person they post after.
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@Death: Your gear is so good but your gloves make me frown. Other than that it's basically just getting better trifectas. You should consider moving to AR Inna's (or STR Inna's if you can get another slot of AR somewhere else) so you can get some better ICs, it's probably just cheaper to go Inna's + 300-350 stat non MS ICs than getting better MS ICs.
250m gloves make you frown? LOL ok broseph. I stopped reading after that to be honest......
@Death Well damn thats some epic gear.....id say the cheapest upgrade would b gloves with higher str? tho idk if those come with same ar..but i would guess that's the cheapest? 9.5/10

New off-hand with LS added and a Witching Hour. A crit Mempo would be nice as well, and perhaps more Life that you could get from 170+ Vit Inna's.

Overall, 8.5/10
@drexl - nice looking barb! Looks similar to mine but you have better items ;p

@ Rex, looks pretty good, could probably use some more resists and avg damage modifiers. 8/10
@Taco (Tacobarian = best barb name ever btw).

Your barb is geared amazingly! Love it. 9.5/10.
Next upgrades would probably be rolling a better ammy, and a crit mempo.
@ hoj

Looks fantastic, must attack super fast with all that attack speed. Only things I could point out would be either a higher aps EF or trifecta gloves. 9.5/10
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nice barb 8/10 but maybe you can try to find a better offhand with socket

Can't say too much bad, maybe a little more vitality and armor? But you seem to do a lot damage so you may not need it. Good job.

I would grab an echoing fury for your offhand and another 12% move speed, prolly swap out lacuni for your strong arm.

I didn't look at your build, just assumed your ran DT WW... Were you messing around with skills?
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Not sure I can help the barb above me but looking for some advice...
Not quite sure what your intentions are with your build but overall your gear is decent. Just need upgrades, 6/10

I'm thinking more dmg on the OH, maybe look for 9% IAS to replace your swift ring. Uhh, that's all I have, I'm new to actually thinking about equipment in any sort of meaningful way. 8.5/10


Unless I'm counting improperly, your AR is pretty low. Tough to pick where to change it though without you taking a big hit elsewhere, but if possible try to focus on that, even if you lose a bit of VIT.

Decent 6/10 i would up the vit, but you have life% to make up for it, some pieces could be easy upgradeS!

I would probably change your boots to something with +12% movespeed or your leggings to Innas for the movespeed. the difference between 12% and 24% movespeed is very big for a WW barb
I would suggest more EHP but thats just me because I love PVP lol...
8/10 nice skorn build you got going there. I would recommend some IAS on gloves and ammy
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