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Rate/Critique the barb above you. (RTFM!!)

Nguyen I'd say 8/10. I like your setup, but I'm not really sure why you take the Inna's pants, but don't go for attack speed on rings or gloves. It still works out though. Just wondering have you tried a ruby in the main hand? It's a lot of CD loss, but it's such a fast weapon the flat damage boost may be better.
@doomherald, I actualyl havent tried that but thanks for the insight. I'll sure be looking into it
@doomherald, 6/10, I notice is the resists are a little low, i guess the massive LS on ur build make up for it tho, other thing, u have no increased attack speed, u probably went for crit dmg, but i think attack speed is better as it gives dps and utility.
@ CoisaRuin, not bad but damage is on the low side. Looks like a PvP build so I'll leave the skils selections alone. You need to add some crit damage to your gear. Missing it on amulet, and rings, and piscking up another 12% move speed would be a welcome addition for you.


7/10. Could have higher Crit, health, and More MS. Overall Nice Barb.
BigBaller #1318

9/10 i would change your Irons instead of AR get one with attackspeed thats not a place to be looking for AR unless u already rolled trifecta and AR is a bonus
@Gamei - 10/10, only thing I can think of changing is your ammy High int :/
7/10. Good so far. I would try to up your all resist. Get the immortal king chest armor. It can add an additional +60 all res with your belt. You can also switch to a better on-hand weapon to really boost your dps.
@justincxx 6/10 up your cc and cd and as
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try and get crit chance on your neck, aim for it in the future on your mempo, maybe ls on your skorn so you can get a witching hour. I would recommend using hurricane for ww spec as its way faster for farming and you generate tornados by distance moved.

Proph, 8.5/10. Pretty hard to find upgrades nowadays for reasonable pricing, huh?
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Pretty hard to find upgrades nowadays for reasonable pricing, huh?

ya its ridiculous, especially if you want to keep a decent ehp
@Aetherhole 9.9/10 Doubt theres anything you can upgrade. Maybe more crit damage on your amulet but that would be very expensive. Anyways you're awsome.
02/16/2013 12:35 AMPosted by HoodV17
@Aetherhole 9.9/10 Doubt theres anything you can upgrade. Maybe more crit damage on your amulet but that would be very expensive. Anyways you're awsome.
''if you had a profile i could rate it
@Ison88, 9/10, id say, upgrade your ammy to ave.damage, higher ChD and ChC for more dps, you might be losing some str and esp. the vita though. it was one mistake i made when gearing is to stack vita on jewelries.

overall a kicka@#$$ barb.

P.S: how are you handling RD(nasty ones - plague, arcane and kiters), cause if i go full dps with my WH, use BThirst 'im have difficulty handling them.
i only really have problems if multiple orbs stack on each other. other then that mt lifesteal out heals pretyy much every combo i have come across. there are peices where i could pick some extra res without hurting my dps but i havnt really had need to invest in it yet.

in regards to ammy, im still awaiting to craft one. 60 tries no luck yet
02/16/2013 01:35 AMPosted by Ison88
60 tries no luck yet

glad i got it on my 5th try.
crap barb here posting for first time in rating thread, i know im rolling only ho-hum crap but what you guys think

as for above barbs, lots of nice gear, with only 35-40 mil in my bank, i can't touch that kind of stuff lol, thanks for the input

EF is in MH, logged off while playing with gear options
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Hi man,

All around a decent starter barbi think. Would focus a bit more on all resist and HP on the places that you can easily get it like on your boots and pants. If you ever need gearing advice, add me and i can help you out.


EDIT: I have 230k dps buffed with 15% shout. My character now just shows it with all the buffs, had to test it out :)
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