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Rate/Critique the barb above you. (RTFM!!)

are u guys having issues looking at stats on profile? or it is it just me? now mine shows 90k dps unbuffed lols
@NeverNguyen 9/10 Your build is pretty good, you could increase your dps with some minor upgrades like your gloves
Anyone want to take a look at my gear and tell me where I went wrong :D
02/17/2013 01:11 AMPosted by Cogito
Anyone want to take a look at my gear and tell me where I went wrong :D

I'm not sure if I'm in much of a place to criticize, but I'll give a crack at it. At a glance you're amethysts could be better, you need more res all on your armor, your bracers could be just as good and have str, your offhand weapon could be better. However, you must be doing okay, you put out a lot of dps and probably can do runs on 9 or 10, am I wrong? 7.5/10

Now me, someone do me. I am looking at all the Barbs in this thread and I am excited, because it looks like most of you are probably doing efficient mp10 runs, I assume because I can run 10 fairly easily, just lacking dps for it to be more time efficient.
skipped on page 2
So how about the lot of you, rate someone again instead of skipping someone else and adding to the problem?

@ Blintz, says profile not available so maybe that's why you were skipped.

@ RazorX, 9/10 nice solid well rounded stats....... but what the hell is up with that POS gem in your boots? LOL

@misterG6969, 8/10 HP is pretty low, I would suggest getting a high VIT pair of Inna's pants 180 or better, that will still leave your resists at a good level and give you HP that you are missing.

From now on guys, instead of posting "skipped" just rate someone again instead of adding to the problem.
@Death, Am I supposed to rate you too? I rarely see stats that good, maybe marquise gems and more crit on the mempo.

Me, close to upgrading gems to next tier but still need other suggestions. It seems like AH prices have been going up a lot in the gear I need that was somewhat affordable last week so I'm more hesitant to buy at the moment. The stuff dropping prices is what I don't need anymore.
@sufiandy cant see ur profile brah :(
@Death..pretty much close to bis on all slots but gloves maybe...though that ar on them is sexy 9.5/10

I would start crafting some ammys. You can definitely get better than what you have right now.

I would start crafting some ammys. You can definitely get better than what you have right now.
90 tries so far...no luck whatsoever :(
@ g3n3s1s, looks like your OH might be just under the next breakpoint, Maybe try to get 1% more IAS on your gloves?
Im basing this on nubtros numbers, his say 2.8571 and your buffed APS on that is 2.8545. There could always be some problem with how its all calculating :D
@RagingKoala might be a slight miscaculation....i wouldnt b able to tell though, i use d3rawr and fully buffed 1 ias makes no diff

No Escape rune doesn't make sense with the build. Movement speed in the boots, Vit in the Vile Wards and better gems.

Otherwise the build looks pretty good.
@furrysqrl Cant see your profile
@G3NS1S Your barb is pretty good, you could try crafting vitality shoulders since they can roll very high strength and vitality
any ideas????? how to improve

What server are you on?

What server are you on?

All profiles are acting up atm D:
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