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Blizzard, just say you do not want us to trade ok?

Really, this is getting embarrassing. I have played this game since launch and there is no excuse you have not fixed the trading UI yet.

3 times already tonight I have tried to buy/sell an item and have had people try scamming.

There is literally no excuse this is still going on. They either swap out item or reduce amount. I can't fathom why this has not been addressed yet. I am sick of it.

There is only ONE reason why this was not addressed yet. Just one. You do not want people trading, You want then using the AH. Just disable player trading then and be done with it. Man...it is so obvious that this is the only valid reason.

This has been a long time complaint (since launch) and nothing has been done about it. That does not look good on you at all. You know it, we know it.
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Why would they spend money fixing a problem that would cost them money?
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blizz can do very little to stop people from attempting to scam. unless they are hacking the game, there is nothing wrong with the trade interface except the players on both ends. Admittedly there is room for improvement but 90% of the scams rely on stupidity of the victim and not a mechanical failure of the game.
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You know all of this and yet you continue to use in game trade?

I find it strange that we've had 3 major patches and no serious attempt to address this matter.
Scams should treated seriously even if they are avoidable with enough focus by the player.

I know nothing about coding a live game but the solution seems extremely simple.

Players place items into a sub-screen and click a proposed trade button.
When both players have done this a new screen displays the trade agreement which can only be accepted or canceled by both players. In order to modify the trade you'd have to cancel it.
This sends the items back to your trade sub-screen where you can modify it and propose an entirely new trade forming an entirely new trade window.
It's clear and idiot proof even if it's not the most efficient way to go about the process.
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OP has a point. They only ignore this so it forces people to use AH. Why bother implementing a P2P trade window at all if they won't do anything about it?

A game built around an auction house. Sad what this company has become.
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What should Blizzard do except denote thousands and millions for visibility?

Give people moral lessons over internet?

Do people even think before they demand something?
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Demand? It is common sense. This would be a very easy resolution. So lets go over the choices.

a) leave as is....multiple scam attempts going on daily and has since launch

b) easy fix to eliminate trade trade scam

There is ZERO legitimate reasons why this has not been resolved.

The ONLY reason can be they want to steer people to the Auction House. That can be the only reason. What is the benefit of reducing players trades. What is the benefit of having an obvious non-fix? Ask yourselves that.

"give moral lessons over the intenret"

Really? Whoosh. The point went way over your head and exploded over Russia.
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