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03/11/2013 05:51 PMPosted by LegitBeastin
Hi guys, I'm thinking about regearing to an SnB Barb and I was just wondering if there was any reason to why most SnB Barbs use a Sword VS a Axe/Mace. Isn't the 10%CC WPM bonus than a 15% DMG bonus?

After you have 55 CC, the dmg bonus becomes more important and contributes to more DPS than 10 CC does. We generally get very close to 10 CC on our shield, so the extra 10 CC from weapon masters is like pissing in the wind at a certain point. Also weps like swords/daggers give us approx .2 more aps than say a mace, and helps SnB out since we dont get the 15% AIS increase that DW gets.
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Thanks Baller!

You seem like a experienced SnB Barb. Care to give a newbie some pro tips for gearing?
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Hey Guys,

Looking to get a critique on my overall build/gear. at the moment i currently have less then 1mil gold, and with my limited playing and the current state of the AH i dont think ill be able to farm enough to make any serious improvements in the really near future. With that being said i am pretty proud of what ive been able to put together ( currently wearing 4pc of found gear) no hand me downs, no favors, no RMAH. My APS with WOTB on is 2.05 although im not sure if i have stacked well enough

I farm/xp on mp4 solo with ease, yay!
i can hold my own on the ubers at any mp with few deaths. although low dps means im most useful around mp6-7

One thing i am tinkering with on lower MPs is switching out Warcry for overpower.

which site is best gauge for how im progressing? Diabloprogress. d3up. d3rawr?

According to d3progress i am at the DPS Unbuffed: 80,126.39/ EHP Unbuffed: 1,021,793 Mark.

According to D3rawr:

Damage: 107356.2
tDPS: 385919
Effective Health: 818808
Life: 56087.43
Armor: 6684 (67.97%)
Strength: 2449
Dexterity: 208
Intelligence: 370
Vitality: 1197
Attacks per Second: 1.794
% Attack Speed Bonus: 38%
% Crit Chance: 52%
% Crit Damage: 383%
% DMG Increased by Skills: 0%
% Elemental Damage: 0%
% Life Bonus: 33%
Life on Hit: 1290
Life Steal: 3%
All Resistance: 534 (62.9%)
Poison Resistance: 637 (66.91%)
Fire Resistance: 534 (62.9%)
Cold Resistance: 534 (62.9%)
Arcane Resistance: 534 (62.9%)
Lightning Resistance: 582 (64.88%)
Physical Resistance: 613 (66.06%)
% Dodge Chance: 12.7%
% Block Chance: 27%
% Melee Reduction: 10%
% Ranged Reduction: 0%
% Elite Reduction: 0%

Any suggestions, praise or criticism is welcome :)
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could anyone please tell me how to fix my gear .-. I feel like continuing to try to upgrade this setup is pointless but I don't know what to change as I need to have at least my current aps and ehp for my ubers build and id ofc like to keep my 24 ms and gain dps but idk if its possible atm but if I can at least get on a better track for now id be happy

only got 100m to work with T_T


I'm still trying to figure everything out myself, but one thing I noticed about your gear was that you really sacrificed CD. You have an INCREDIBLE ias for a shield barb (I'm a little jealous, actually) but I your CD is so low that you aren't able to take advantage of the benefits in damage that a high attack speed provides. I found it odd that you didn't use a ruby with that attack speed, but when I ran the calc I saw you did in fact lose dps. I think you really need to look at getting a new weapon, one with very high CD (75% and up?). You could take a hit on the DPS, say down to around 1100dps, and if you place a ruby in there you will still go up in DPS. Your rings are also very unique. They give alot of EHP... which makes me think you are going to have a really hard time upgrading them. Not really sure where you could add to your EHP except little upgrades to it here and there, like the belt with more AR, a SS with better armor and AR, more AR in pants, etc. Maybe try and max those out and find some more armor somewhere so you can add min/max damage and CD to you rings. Overall though you seem to have a very nice barb.
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(currently wearing 4pc of found gear) no hand me downs, no favors, no RMAH... Any suggestions, praise or criticism is welcome :)

@ shabba
My first comment is a praise for not using the RMAH. It can be tough farming and crafting your own gear, but it is awesome when you find those great items that you can actually use or sell for a lot of gold. That being said, The andy's also sticks out at me as something that needs to go. That extra 17% fire damage is brutal. Have you looked into getting a cheap mempo? I think you need to take advantage of the new crafted gear. Farm and craft! Those slots could use an upgrade, and with your current gear level I think you could find upgrades at a relatively consistent pace. Try to stack more CD, because we SNBers need it, and always look for more CC and average damage. Good luck!

EDIT To answer your questions about which site to use... I use all 3. DP has a fun way of keeping track by comparing you to others, D3up has great a gear calc. D3rawr is my least favorite, but has a nice clean breakdown.
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03/11/2013 06:43 PMPosted by Bruce
your CD is so low that you aren't able to take advantage of the benefits in damage that a high attack speed provides.
Is there an ideal APS for SnB Hota?

Also does max Block on the SS matter? Is there really a big difference between 31 and 34 %Chance to Block for PVE?
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Is there an ideal APS for SnB Hota?

Also does max Block on the SS matter? Is there really a big difference between 31 and 34 %Chance to Block for PVE?

I believe Nike, Jook and Baller recommend 1.75 aps for hota build, you may want to check the first snb thread to confirm.

In regard to the 3% block, I noticed at a certain point in higher MP my sustain and mitigation were at a point were I would die more than I liked or I had to run away. I added about 2.5% dodge and I stopped dying and running. It doesn't seem like much, but it made a sizable difference. When you need just that last little bit of survivability then 3% can make a difference.
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anyone a good suggestion for snb barb weapon?
looking for one with vit and str and socket (green stone in it)
think it is good combo
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Hello fellow SnB barbs I have a nice axe for sale stats as follows
1130.20 DPS
ias of 5%
crit hit 48%
2.8 ls
open socket

opening bid of 90m
any questions hit me up Nexusone#1881
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lol 90M damn never get that much.just got around 900.000
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anyone a good suggestion for snb barb weapon?
looking for one with vit and str and socket (green stone in it)
think it is good combo

can i see your profile?
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Well, I'm a happy SnB'er!

For a long time I've been using an amulet with good Strength, average damage and crit damage but no crit chance. (18-53/176 str/30 phy res/78 AR/485 LoH/98% cd)

Been keeping any eye on the AH for a replacement, any decent DPS upgrade was basically 80 million and more. So I figured that crafting an amulet @ 150,000 gp per pop should work out better, Odds are if I spend 40 million on crafting I should get an upgrade.

So I figure I'd start with the brims/gems in stock and on the second roll, I get this;

29-60 average damage
224 strength
53 fire resistance
78 all resistance
9% critical chance
49% critical damage.

It's an 8 kay dps upgrade, but off course my crit chance goes up from 50.5 - 59.5% so it's a big upgrade!
Best 300,000 gp I ever spent!!!!!!
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Congrats Asmo, thanks for sharing
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my profile is
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still hunting for a new weapon but I randomly picked up 2 really underpriced shields that would both be upgrades to mine and I was wondering how you felt about them

1201 Armor
33% Block
186 Str
73 AR
9.5% CC
5% vs Melee
7% vs Elites

Bone Shield (2795-4707)
1422 Armor
12% Block
61 AR
9% CC
164 Str
268 Vit

1075 Armor
28% Block
71 AR
10% CC
193 Str
6% vs Melee
6% vs Elite

going to make a decent profit no matter which two I sell which will go straight into my weapon search but when I ran these shields thru d3rawr the bone shield gave a very substantial ehp boost however I know there are many shields like that out there and yet you're all still using storm shields
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^ oops the ehp went up on the bone shield but the ehp (block + dodge) went down so I guess that answers my question :)

@ghostrider you need new pants
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with your current setup, mace or axe is recommended for additional cc.

look for the following stats

1. 1.1k+ DPS
2. Socket
3. STR and/or VIT
4. LS
5. CC

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Hey everyone just started building a SnB barb. I'm having a great time so far and am enjoying the survivability. Any tips/comments are appreciated.

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it means 11000 dps, 2sockets,more strengt and vit.
ls is life steal?
cretical hit change?
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can someone maybe say name of good one :)
i find not a lot much lower dps then mine
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