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Playing With Fire - The All-Fire Build

And if you're using Fire Bolts and Mammoth Hydra (which are focused) Meteor Shower helps.
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yeah hitting with 4 meteors is equal to molten, and it hits a much larger area and doesn't need the DoT portion
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Got rid of Blizzard as it was a waste of AP, replaced it with Sparkflint, replaced Blood Magic with Force Weapon due to having over 1600 LOH, replaced Cold Blooded with Blur.

i dont know if its true or not that hydra is glitched and doesnt receive the buff but regardless, mammoth hydra is pretty bad unless you go out of your way to position / recast it constnatly.

why not change blur back to cold blooded, and change mammoth to frost hydra? Frost hydra isnt gonig to be anything amazing in terms of dps obviously, but im guessing (havnt tested this) the 20% damage buff your meteors and firebolts/LL/whatever would receive from hitting chilled targets would far outweigh mammoth dps.
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Mammoth cant be beat as long as you are standing on top of it.
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Right when I was getting bored of my Wiz I tried out some of these combinations. It killllls!

I never considered living lightning as an option but wow its powerful. I just got back into the game, so my gear isn't much to talk about, but it works well soloing inferno 1 and 2. The constant meteor shower spam is great.

Right now using

Living lighting
Diamond skin prism
Meteor shower
magic weapon blood magic
ice armor crystallize (probably going to change to energy armor)
and Sparkflint
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bump which weapon should i use for this build
Sankis + Triumvirate (6 % fire dmg) or Maximus for higher damage ?
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Awwwwww, I thought Doom was back :(

10/29/2013 09:33 AMPosted by Malakai

Altered Breast! I loved that game!
Then I could have said...

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I don't see a problem with nercoing a build thread. Dr. Doom put this out there, someone dug it up and wants to try it.

bump which weapon should i use for this build
Sankis + Triumvirate (6 % fire dmg) or Maximus for higher damage ?

The term adds X% to fire damage actually affects all damage, it's confusing and awful wording I know. If you use a triumvirate, I recommend getting a 1Her like what I have equipped for this build. A spear or mace (not echoing fury though) would work even better. Make sure it has a socket, over 35% enhanced damage, life steal. And, in order to make hydra not a complete waste of a slot, you should socket it with a marquis ruby. Sankis is usually a bad option because you want that extra fire damage but you lose so much damage with a sankis over a halfway decent rare that it doesn't really make sense to use one.

If you were to use a 2H, I would get a skorn with life steal and put a ruby in it. If you want to try maximus I'd use one with high crit damage and life steal (can't get a socket too).

I can tell this isn't the greatest build and the EDPS and survivability won't be as good as some more popular meteor builds. But if you really wanna try it, I hope my suggestions help.
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using mirror ball and fire build....cept i use
arcane orb/scorch
magic missle/conflag
black hole/blazar
meteor/molten impact

combine with arcane dynamo....stacking burn dmg is ticking for 8mil(sometimes lots more) a second plus dmg from rotation thrown in it hits very very hard. added crows helm for extra bonus fireball....this melts bosses....basically suck everything in with black hole lay down a bunch of missles one arcane orb and a meteor....its insane...its hard to tell how hard the ticks of damage are at first because they are white damage and all the yellow crits look impressive but it slowly adds up to loads of ticking damage.....i only play hardcore also....softcore is a joke =)™
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