Diablo® III

AUS/NZ players lagging on the American server

just set your server to Asia and it will greatly reduce your ping at the cost of making a new character, because i'm sure you're all aware that AUS and NZ players are set to the American servers by default when you first start the game.

i live in Australia Brisbane and my ping on the American server is 240-1000+. on the Asia server my ping is 190-240 and most importantly its consistently on green.

give it a try as a test. you will notice straight away when you first join the game your ping will be under 200.

please message back your ping after going on the Asia server just so that i can confirm it.
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500 hours in, that doesn't seem like a stunning idea.
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If u start characters on the Asian server, do u loose your characters on the American server?
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Not for NZ players, SEA is just as bad as US. 200ms is nothing to be proud of either, its still a rubberbandfest.
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No you can swap realms but you cant xfer ya toons.

You can have both if you like too but i think its pointless at ur stage

Not really planning on swapping regions, I like the guys here too much :). Just curious.

I also have quite a few American friends, and I see them logging in and logging out continually, so maybe its not just an Aus/NZ thing that's going on.
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If your planning to swap regions you have to start a new set of characters. They CANNOT transfer. so if you level para 100 you've gone too far to move over unless you spend all day on the game and leveling is a easy feat.

I'm not planning to move either I find the US more social, where as I can't seem to communicate with asian players and I am asian myself also they tend to do weird things in your games parking in town and not responding at times when your asking them to move along.

The Prime minister says Australia is heading into the Asian century so maybe Australia should of been set in the ASIAN servers in the first place.

I also have friends tied on the US server and i never have the lag problem so I'm fine as it is. I'm finding some are trying to convert others over because of isolation or lack of familiar Aussie players on the Asian server. Although it does solve their lag problem it's just not for all.
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